XNSPY’s New Version Release: Announcing Our Exciting Mid-Year Update

XNSPY’s New Version Release: Announcing Our Exciting Mid-Year Update

XNSPY is launching a highly anticipated update this month. With a deep devotion to empowering parents to seamlessly monitor their child’s digital life, the new update aims to further enhance the user experience.

A Word from the XNSPY Team

‘’The app’s latest version will auto-update once it’s rolled out later this month. Features such as GPS Tracking is getting a major upgrade. The Call and Surround recording tool will also get a much-needed refresh,’’ said the XNSPY team.

With over a decade in the monitoring industry, XNSPY is distinctively reputed for providing robust parental controls. The development team behind every new upgrade meticulously researches and tests every upgrade, constantly integrating user feedback into the mix.

‘’The secret to the success of XNSPY lies in prioritizing user feedback. The team not only provides immediate responses to the queries but also takes note of the changes that users often request,’’ as quoted by the XNSPY’s Marketing Lead.

He further explained how the shortcomings of some features pointed out by users allow the team to bring worthwhile changes and expand the functionality. 

What’s New

With Android 14 and iOS 17 already being rolled out, XNSPY has ensured that the new update will support the compatibility of Android and Apple devices. Users can even easily check the compatibility of their child’s device on the app’s website.

Let us see what XNSPY has in store for its valued users

More Robust GPS Tracking

Location tracking is a useful feature of XNSPY that lets you view the live location of the monitored device. The highlight of the newest update is a refined user interface of the dashboard along with multiple additional information about GPS functionality.

The Location History Logs will show the current whereabouts and visited places of the target device with far greater accuracy and details.

Once you click on the ‘Location’ tab on the dashboard, the pointer on the app’s geolocation map will show the real-time position of the monitored phone. The history of previously visited places is organized in sequence with the relevant time details. Clicking on a particular entry will open the address on the location map.

The latest update fine-tunes the capability of the geolocation tracker and allows it to analyze longitude and latitude coordinates with pinpoint precision. This is why users can view complete address information. The details on each location entry include the house or plot number, area name, city, state, and zip code.

One noticeable addition the development team made is adding a link to Google Maps beside each location entry. Users can open the link to get directions or share the address on their phone.

Call and Surround Recording Improvement

Apart from GPS tracking, users can witness much-requested fixes and improvements for the call and surround recording features.

XNSPY already offers an exclusive functionality to record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically.

The XNPSY team worked to address common concerns with the latest app update. All the audio on the incoming and outgoing calls are smoothly recorded and uploaded to the dashboard.

The standout addition is the increase in call recording duration. Previously, you could record only 20 minutes, but with the upgrade, calls are recorded for up to 30 minutes.

The surround or ambient recording feature works similarly to call recording. This functionality captures background sounds around the proximity of the target device.

Users have requested longer recording times and the ability to download, which the team complied with in the latest release. Now, users can hear the recording in high-definition and the audio files will also upload more quickly. The duration to record ambient sound is also increased from 20 to 30 minutes.

Ability to Send Multiple Remote Commands

XNSPY offers an advanced remote control functionality that is not commonly found in other monitoring apps. Parents use this tool to remotely lock the phone, block an app, capture screenshots, and record surrounding sounds.

The app dashboard only allowed users to send one request at a time. However, parents complained that in some situations, they need to send more than one request.

‘’Working on this issue was tricky for the team as each remote command performs an entirely different functionality’’ – XNSPY development team head.

User Review

‘’I have tried a couple of apps to monitor the cell phone usage of two of my kids. Honestly, XNSPY turned out to be the best in many places. It delivers more control with screen recording, location tracking, call recording, and keylogger. Oh, and the watchlist alerts are the best feature ever!’’ 


XNSPY offers a wide range of tracking features tailor-made for parental control and employee monitoring. Users benefit from stealth-mode operation, high compatibility, fast and easy installation, affordable pricing, and round-the-cloud customer support. The app provides power-packed performance with many of its features that will give advanced functionality with the latest update. XNSPY continues to inspire users with regular fixes and updates, ensuring they get full value. 

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