Your Cell Phone and XNSPY, the Best Valentine’s Day Cupids

Your Cell Phone and XNSPY, the Best Valentine’s Day Cupids

Did you know how essential it is to keep your smartphone protected from any potential theft? Your smartphone is more precious than your wallet, your keys and in some cases it is even precious than your laptop; the reason being it holds all your personal and highly confidential data. Unfortunately majority of us don’t do enough to protect our precious devices beyond perhaps having a four digit pass code or an unlock pattern. With street crimes on the rise every year, it has become a necessity to keep our smartphones protected in all possible ways. If we talk about the streets of London, around 314 mobiles are stolen each day, as per recent surveys. According to The Washington Post, an overwhelming 2.1 million Americans had their smartphones stolen in 2015. Owing to this awful scenario, one needs to take proper measures to make sure that the priceless data doesn’t fall into the hands of criminals, who may misuse it afterwards in any further illegal activities.

How can XNSPY be Just the Right Valentine for my Smartphone?

Just like many other smartphone lovers out there, you also love your phone dearly don’t you? How XNSPY can be just the right valentine for your smartphone, is what you are curious to know. There’s no reason to stop leveraging your phone for convenience and productivity, but just be sure to apply a few street smarts first.

At first, you’ll need installing the app on your smartphone that would take less than 10 minutes. Whereas in case of iOS No-Jailbreak device, you won’t even need installing the software on your device, as only your iOS credentials would get you complete control of your device remotely.

Below are a few prominent features of XNSPY that would help you protect your smartphone’s data as soon as it gets lost or stolen.

Remotely Lock the Phone: With this feature, you can lock your phone remotely even if it wasn’t locked when it got lost or snatched from your hands. This would disallow the unauthorized person to get access to all the private data on your phone and would let you manage your phone in the meantime.

Wipe all the Data off Phone: XNSPY won’t limit you to remotely locking the phone as it gets lost or stolen, as the modern-day snatchers are more tech savvy and knowledgeable than ever. You can also completely wipe the data off phone using your personal computer, laptop or even another smartphone.

Track GPS Location: Tracking your phone’s location is the first thing you’ll do after making your data secure. By remotely logging into your XNSPY account, you will be able to know current location of your device as well as get complete location history of your device in order to track the snatcher/thief.

Record Phone’s Surroundings: One of the most powerful features of XNSPY that guarantee your phone’s security is to record phone’s surroundings without making a call. Know what the snatcher/thief is talking about, what he/she plans do to next and where they are taking your phone to. You may also listen to all phone calls made or answered on your smartphone.

Get Live Screenshots: Getting live screenshots of your smartphone enables you to know what the criminal is up to. This lets you know in-depth about how your phone is being treated by a stranger.

Concisely, XNSPY and your smartphone are the best Valentine’s Day cupids as nothing can care for and protect your smartphone better than this state of the art cell phone tracking app.


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