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How to Install Spyware on Android Remotely?

According to Google, there are 1.4 billion active Android devices. This means that there’s always going to be someone around you using an Android device. That person could be your child or even an employee.

A lot of us are curious to know what people around us are doing on their phones. This curiosity to know has been inculcated into almost every human. It’s just some people are better at dealing with it. For those who can’t, they tend to look for solutions. Some go for the more conventional spying techniques, while others resort to quick and easy solutions like a spyware app that they can install on the Android phones of others.

How to install spyware on Android Remotely?
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Is Remote Installation of Spying App Possible

Because spying on someone’s phone is usually a secretive move, people want to know if cell phone spy software remote installation is possible.

If you would ask us, we would say no because there hasn’t been any spy app available so far that could be installed remotely on an
Android phone. But why is it so?

  • Most spy apps are legal to use and thus they don’t offer such functionality.
  • It’s virtually impossible to remotely install spyware on cell phone.
  • Hacking into a phone is different from installing a spyware on it.

Remote Installation for Android – It’s Complicated

When it comes to an Android operating system, remotely installing a spyware is complicated. The only way to activate a monitoring software without any physical contact is to ask the owner of the device to follow the installation link.

Why is Remote Installation Impossible?

You must be wondering the tech world has progressed so much, why aren’t we still able to install spy apps remotely? There are certain limitations that prevent this; such as:

Individual Privacy

Privacy laws prohibit us to spy on someone without their permission. In fact, in most parts of the world, it is illegal to secretly install a spying app on someone’s phone to monitor them.

Device Permissions

Installing an app often requires accepting various permissions. This is a security measure to prevent an app from installing itself automatically without the consent of the user.

Whenever a spying app says it can be installed remotely, it should set off red flags. Mostly because 9 out of 10 apps that claim they could be remotely installed are rip-offs. In some cases, the app either doesn’t deliver its claims or it could send a fake or harmful file to your device.

Now that doesn’t mean the mobile spying apps sold in the market are all scam. They do have legit features but if they say you can install the app in the target device without even touching it, that’s a lie. The truth is, all legit mobile spying apps will require you to access the target Android phone at some point and that’s mostly for the purpose of installing the app.

If You Can’t Install a Spyware Remotely, Then What’s the Solution?

Then look for a spyware that has a fast download and installation. For instance, Xnspy only takes under a minute to download on target Android phone if you have a good internet connection. Add another minute or two for the installation. It’s normally quite easy to have access to someone’s phone for this much time. You will be done with the installation before you even know it.

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Step by Step Guide to Install Xnspy on an Android Phone

It’s pretty clear that you cannot install a spyware on someone’s Android device remotely. If it’s Xnspy you are spying with, you will have to manually install it on the target device, too. Then you can spy on them, remotely, which is a completely different matter.

Here are the steps to install Xnspy on the target device:

Step 1: Register for Xnspy

Visit Xnspy’s official website and click on “Get XNSPY Now.” Choose from the Basic or Premium plan.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Setup Xnspy on the Target Phone

Check your email for a download URL, activation code, and your login credentials. Download Xnspy on the target device and install it. Check our installation guide for more details.

Step 3: Remotely Spy on the Android Device

Once the installation is complete, give Xnspy 24 hours before you access your dashboard.

Xnspy dashboard

XNSPY Remote Installation Support

To keep the installation process as simple and quick as possible on Android, Xnspy has come up with the brilliant idea of Remote Installation Support. It’s a service for the users who wish there was someone else who could handle the technical part. If you are nervous and you think you can’t install Xnspy on the target phone, then Xnspy remote installation support is meant for you!

With the Remote Installation Support, Xnspy's customer support reps will be taking care of the entire download and installation remotely. You will only need a physical access to the device during that time and won’t have to do anything on your own.

Remote Installation Support Doesn’t Equal Remote Installation

It’s worth mentioning here that Remote Installation Support only means remote assistance with the installation. This is meant for those who find the download or installation of Xnspy cumbersome. Remote installation of a cell phone spy app on Android actually means a remote installation which, as aforementioned, is not possible.

Watch out for the spy apps who trick users into buying by confusing them between remote installation and remote spying. Remote installing and remote spying are two different things.

Remotely spying on a target device is easy once you have installed the app. The only thing that’s complicated is installing the app remotely. Before you buy a spy app that claims it could be remotely installed on Android, check their website thoroughly. Try to reach out to their support team to understand how the process works. This should tell you everything. Don’t confuse remote spying with remote installation. The former means you’ll be monitoring the text messages, call logs, web activities, and location, etc. of the target Android device remotely via a web account.


Installing Xnspy on Android with Remote Installation Support

We have already covered how you could install Xnspy on Android phones and tablets remotely. Now, we will look at how you can install Xnspy on Android with our Remote Installation Support.

Step 1: Signing up

It starts with signing up for Xnspy. You will be emailed your Xnspy account credentials, a download URL, and supplementary installation material. If you get yourself the Remote Installation Support Add-on, you are required to contact one of Xnspy’s Support representatives who are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Installing TeamViewer on Target Android Device

TeamViewer is a software for remote control and screen sharing. With TeamViewer on an Android phone, Xnspy’s support representative will be able to take control of the target device and download spyware remotely.

Step 3: Download and Installation

Sit and relax as the spyware is downloaded on the target Android phone. Once the support team confirms a successful installation, you can uninstall TeamViewer from the phone.

Xnspy Installation
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What’s Closest to the Remote Installation of a Spyware?

It’s certainly Xnspy because of how we have designed the app and added remote installation support. If there’s something close to remote installation of spyware, it’s Xnspy.

Beware of Fake Websites Claiming Remote Installation of Spyware

You will come across numerous websites claiming they can install spyware remotely on Android. But let us assure you that it’s not something that's virtually possible. Though we have already discussed a few different reasons why a remote installation isn’t possible, we will now look at a few more now.

Spying Apps Aren’t Made for Remote Installation

Do you know that most of the spying apps that you come across are actually legal? Yes, if a website isn’t making any illegal endorsements then it’s totally legal to use. For instance, Xnspy clearly states that its software can only be used after taking legal consent of a person whose Android device is to be monitored.

Android Spying Apps May Require Rooting

Another reason why spying apps can’t be installed remotely on Android is that they may require rooting for full functionality. Every advanced app, including Xnspy, requires rooting to unlock full features of the app on Android phones.

OS Restrictions

Companies like Apple and Google strictly work on the device security, ensuring it’s free from external threats. In an attempt to save users from hacking or privacy breaches, the mobile OSs are designed particularly to avoid that which makes it impossible to install a spyware on Android or iPhone remotely.

A Few Scams to be Careful About

Installing spyware through Bluetooth and email are amongst the common rip-offs to watch out for. Let’s explain what they claim:

a. Remote Installation via Bluetooth

Some spying apps claim remote installation is possible via the Bluetooth technology. Before you believe that, there are several limitations that you must remove.

Firstly, to set up the Bluetooth connection, both devices must have the Bluetooth wireless technology turned on. And not just that, there’s also a pairing request that has go through, all of which is just as complicated as running a download URL on someone’s phone and downloading a spyware.

To actually receive the request for connecting or accepting a file, both devices must be within a specific range, most probably in the same room. Usually, the devices have to be within the range of 20 to 30 feet to establish a connection.

The process of installing a spying app on someone’s device via Bluetooth is not practical. Even if the target device accepts your request to pair with your device miraculously, spying would only be possible within the range of Bluetooth connectivity.

b. Remote Installation Via Email

Another scam you will come across is the process of installing a spyware on the mobile device of your child or employee. So here is what you have to do for it. Send them an image via email and ask them to open it. Once they open the image, the program will be installed right away letting you easily spy on their actions.

Apart from the websites claiming remote installation, there are a few other scams that many people looking for a remote installation of a spyware get into. Without proper knowledge, you can easily get trapped by their luring claims.

c. Spy on a Cell Phone Using Phone Number

Some websites claim that they can spy on a person’s phone logs using their phone number. This isn’t just illegal if happens, but also impossible. Usually, the information provided isn’t correct but by the time someone finds that out, they have already spent a few dollars.

d. Hacking

You will come across people claiming to be hackers. They promise you will get all the information that you are looking for without doing anything. But what you have to do is to pay the hacker a handsome sum, and that too an advance payment. Don't even think of contacting a hacker for cell phone spy software remote installation or for breaking into someone’s phone. If they can't do it for you, then you are wasting your money. And if there's someone who actually can, you may end up risking a person's privacy because you never know how that hacker would use someone’s private data.


If All Spy Apps Have to be Manually Installed, What Makes Xnspy Better?

That’s a fair question and we are here to answer it. We have already discussed the installation procedure of Xnspy, and keeping an impartial stance in mind, we’ve decided to compare its installation process to the next 5 popular alternatives. And during this comparison of similar android monitoring apps, we’ve weighed the pros and cons for using each alternative as well.

1. Onespy

To install Onespy, you must follow the steps below:

  • Open in the incognito tab in Chrome browser of the target Android device.
  • You will be asked to enter the email address you used for purchasing the app. Then, click on the “Download” button to install the app.
  • Launch the app and you will be asked to enter your email and password (which you received after making the payment).
  • After providing this information, click on “register.” You will have to search the download APK file from the download history of the phone manually.
  • After the installation is complete, you must turn on “Phone Viewer” in the target device by going into its settings. Only then you can begin the remote spying.

This installation process is as complicated as it sounds. You are likely to face some technical issues if you are a first-time user because Onespy’s step-by-step guide is not comprehensive like that of Xnspy. To overcome this problem, Onespy is offering “hassle free installation assistance” which is free of cost. Someone from Onespy’s steam will install the app on the target Android device via TeamViewer. You will still need physical access to the device for that. This support is available on limited Vivo, Redmi, and Samsung devices.

2. The TruthSpy

Before downloading and installing the TruthSpy, you must enable “Unknown Sources” and disable “Package Verifier” on the target Android device. You can do that from the settings of the device. After this, follow these steps to install The TruthSpy:

The TruthSpy
  • Open from any internet browser on the phone.
  • Click on the “Download” button and click on the APK file to install the app.
  • You will be asked to register for the TruthSpy account.
  • Then click on the “Activate” button to accept the device admin.
  • A configuration window will appear that lets you hide the icon of the TruthSpy from the target device.

After this, you are ready to spy on the Android device remotely. The TruthSpy’s team doesn’t offer support in installing the app on the target device for you.

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3. mSpy

Before installing mSpy, you will need to make some changes in the security settings of the target device. In the device “Settings”, go to “Security”, and uncheck “Unknown Sources” and “Verify Apps.” Once you have disabled those, you are ready to follow the steps below to install mSpy on the target Android:

  • Open Google on the target device and enter in the URL-bar.
  • Press “Go” and a screen with captcha code will appear. Enter it to initiate the downloading.
  • Go to the home screen and open the bt.apk file. As you tap on it, the installation will begin.
  • Once the file is installed, open it and read its EULA. Make sure to activate the “Prevent Uninstall” option for hiding the app and activating the device administrator.
  • You also have to activate the “Keylogger Tracking” and “Allow Collection Data” option as you move to the next prompt on the screen.

With that, the installation is completed and you are ready to use mSpy to spy on the device. mSpy doesn’t offer remote installation support either.

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4. Flexispy

Flexispy could be installed on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. The following steps tell you how to get started:

  • Use the URL to download Flexispy on the target device which you received at the time of sign up. You will receive a notification once the app is downloaded. Click “Finish” and this will take you to the installation process.
  • Check the permissions to begin the installation.
  • Now it is time to activate the app by entering the activation code received at the time of subscription.
  • After this, you will be ready to use the app for spying.

Flexispy is providing rooting and installation and configuration service. They arrange a skilled tech to do the above for you after you have purchased the app’s subscription. The Installation Service is an optional add-on for your Flexispy purchase. It’s not free of cost.

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5. Spyzie

To install Spyzie, you first have to register and create an account and then buy the subscription plan.

  • You must provide an email ID and enter some basic details related to the target device like name or age of the owner. Once the account is created, you will need access to the target device.
  • Access the “Settings” of the target device then go to “Security” to turn on the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Now open the chrome browser from the device, visit and download the app.
  • Once the app is installed, log into your account by using the credentials set earlier.

After this, you are ready to spy on the Android device from your PC or smartphone.

All apps have more or less similar installation process, but we can assure you Xnspy is the simplest of all. Onespy and the TruthSpy ask you to register for an account on the target device after you have installed the app. But Xnspy lets you sign up for the account through the web when you are buying its subscription. This is a lot safer to perform discreet spying. It’s because of this, you won’t need physical access to the target device for more than 10 minutes.

Before installing Xnspy, you don’t need to separately change the settings of the target device like in the case of the TruthSpy, mSpy, and Flexispy. Plus, you don’t have to enter extra details about the target device (like in the case of Spyzie). If you have the latest smartphone, it’s just going to take you 5 minutes to completely install the app. Those who think they can’t handle the installation, remote installation support is available and it’s free.


Our Final Word

Now that you know everything about installing a spyware on android remotely, make an information decision. Just beware if someone claims to remotely install spyware on a cell phone. Rather, choose an app that’s fast, reliable and fully discreet. It won’t be a trouble installing the app on a phone then.

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