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How to Access all the Photos of Your Child's Instagram?

There are many concerned parents out there who want to know what their children are doing on social media and how they are representing themselves there. It is not just Facebook that is being widely used by our youth. Instagram is quite popular among teens and adults alike. It has over 2 billion monthly active users and your kid would fall among them.

If you are here to figure out a way to access their photos on Instagram to see how they are representing themselves on social media, then we are here with a solution. You will need Xnspy for this purpose. It is an advanced monitoring app that most of the parents these days are using for keeping tabs on their children.

How to access all the photos of your child’s Instagram
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Accessing Instagram Photos with Xnspy

The process of assessing your child’s Instagram photos is easy with Xnspy. Follow the steps below to view their photos:

Step 1: Subscribe to Xnspy

The first step in accessing the photos is to have access to the app. So, subscribe to Xnspy and choose from its Android or iPhone version, depending on the device your child owns. You must install it on their phone too. Xnspy for Android requires installation but Xnspy for iPhone does not require installation. you just have to configure the iCloud Backup.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Log into the Xnspy Web Account

After the installation, you need to give 24 to 48 hours to Xnspy for transferring data from your kid’s phone onto the web account. Once the app has done its work, log into by entering your credentials.

Step 3: Go to ‘Photos’

You will be taken to a dashboard from where you can view the data stored on the phone all at one place. From the menu at your left-hand side, choose ‘Photos’ to view all the photos saved on your child’s phone.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 4: Click on the Search Icon

To specifically access the photos your child has uploaded on Instagram, click on the ‘Search’ icon at the top right of the page. Select ‘Instagram’ from the drop-down menu and click on ‘search’. It will show you the photos your child has uploaded to his Instagram account. You can also specify if you want to see Instagram photos of ‘Today’, ‘This Month’, ‘This year’ or ‘All.’

The kind of pictures your kid is posting about himself on Instagram will reveal everything about their mental health. In case you feel they have posted an inappropriate photo of themselves then you can immediately ask them to delete it.

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