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Monitor WhatsApp through XNSPY

How to Monitor WhatsApp On Android & iPhone Via XNSPY?

Monitor WhatsApp through XNSPY

Learn how XNSPY monitors not just WhatsApp chats and group chats but also all shared photos on the target device.

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What is XNSPY WhatsApp Monitoring?

With XNSPY, you can remotely monitor WhatsApp messages, calls, and multimedia sent and received on the target phone or tablet. Instantly check the names and numbers of the sender and other details like time and date stamps. XNSPY is the best WhatsApp spy app out there. All it requires is one download on the target device to start spying on WhatsApp logs.

Best WhatsApp Tracking Tool
  • View WhatsApp call logs.
  • Read all chat threads.
  • View all pictures with WhatsApp photo tagging.
  • View time and date stamps.
Best WhatsApp Tracking Tool
WhatsApp Tracking on-the-go

Not every WhatsApp Spy App is Created Equal!

If you have always wanted to spy on WhatsApp remotely and couldn’t find a solution for that, it's time that you finally put your trust in Xnspy. With our WhatsApp spy tool, you can spy on WhatsApp conversations, monitor WhatsApp messages, and do more. But not all apps track WhatsApp activity the way we do it.

WhatsApp Tracking on-the-go

WhatsApp spy iPhone without Jailbreak

If you want to spy on WhatsApp messages on iPhone , then remember, not many WhatsApp spy apps work without jailbreaking iOS devices. Your WhatsApp conversation spy app will only work with jailbroken iPhones or iPads. Even after then, not all such apps will provide compatibility with the latest Jailbreak versions.

But when you use XNSPY, you don’t have to worry about that. Our WhatsApp spy app works without jailbreaking on iOS devices.

No Download & Installation

XNSPY lets you monitor WhatsApp activity on iPhones and iPads without any download or installation. The No-Jailbreak version doesn’t require you to download or install Xnspy on the target iOS device.

WhatsApp Spy Online from Anywhere

Spy WhatsApp conversations from anywhere using a computer or your smartphone. XNSPY even comes with a “Dashboard App” that can be downloaded on Android devices, so you could monitor a phone without having to rely on a plugged-in desktop or laptop.

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Now Monitor WhatsApp Chats
Without Rooting

Enjoy your XNSPY sign-up even more now as you can read all the incoming WhatsApp chats without rooting Android devices . And with that, XNSPY becomes the first WhatsApp spy to offer an unrooted solution.

WhatsApp spying App for Android and iPhone
WhatsApp spying App for Android and iPhone
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  • 64 billion messages and 1.6 billion photos are shared every day on WhatsApp, incentivizing various types of cybercrimes. WhatsApp Chat Spy like XNSPY can help reduce such crimes.
  • There is a growing trend of cyberbullying on WhatsApp spy software for WhatsApp could help parents take care of it.
  • An average WhatsApp user spends around 27 minutes daily with the app. If your employees have WhatsApp on their phones, they could be spending their valuable office time on non-work-related socializing. XNSPY WhatsApp spy will help you take care of that.
  • Even with end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is still prone to a variety of security threats that could lead to data dissemination on your kids' or employees’ devices.
  • XNSPY WhatsApp spy software can watch over your kids and employees' WhatsApp use and can encourage safe instant messaging behavior.
  • By spying on WhatsApp chats, parents could minimize the risks of online abuse that their kids are vulnerable to.
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Still not sure about something or want to have more information on features and compatibility? Click on the icons below to get the relevant info about your problems and get them resolved in an instant!


How Does Xnspy Compare to the Competition?

Xnspy isn’t the only app to monitor WhatsApp out there, and we've already compiled a list of the top 10 you can find online. But when it comes to the best of the best, three names crop up. Let’s find out which of these has the most features specific to WhatsApp monitoring and which is worthy of your subscription.





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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • WhatsApp chats can be tracked remotely using XNSPY. The app requires one-time installation on the device you wish to monitor. After that, you can remotely track all WhatsApp chats, call logs, and multimedia. Alternatively, you can also remotely spy on WhatsApp chats without requiring any download or installation using the iCloud version of WhatsApp spy for iPhone.

  • XNSPY works with all Android and iOS devices. To use the Android WhatsApp Spy app, the target device needs to be running Gingerbread 2.3 or above; for WhatsApp spy iOS, the target iPhone or iPad needs to be running iOS 6.0 or above. However, to avoid any hardware- or software-related discrepancies, we recommend you to visit our device Compatibility Page .

  • Using XNSPY WhatsApp spy Android, you can spy on not just WhatsApp conversations, but also call logs and photos. You can try out the XNSPY Demo to find out more about how the app works.

  • Using XNSPY WhatsApp spy iPhone, you can spy on WhatsApp chat and photos. Click here for more information on how to spy on WhatsApp on an iPhone.

  • You can spy on WhatsApp conversations using your XNSPY’s web account/online dashboard. Accessing WhatsApp chats is easy; all you have to do is to open XNSPY Dashboard and navigate to “WhatsApp” from the “Messenger” drop-down menu. Here is a link to the demo that you could use to spy on WhatsApp conversations.

  • To spy on WhatsApp texts using an Apple ID, you will require an Apple ID and the password of the person you want to monitor. The Xnspy WhatsApp spy for iOS only requires a login and all data from the device is available on the dashboard.

  • With WhatsApp spy Android, you can also monitor WhatsApp call logs in addition to chats and photos.

  • Xnspy is a monitoring app and not a hacking tool and should only be used after taking the legal consent of the parties involved. However, you can use the Xnspy app to monitor WhatsApp and other aspects of the phone.

  • Keeping it short, Xnspy is available for as little as $4.99/month. For $7.49/month, you get access to all the premium features of Xnspy, including full access to WhatsApp for your kids. Xnspy allows you to track their WhatsApp call logs, photos, and chats. Additionally, you get over 35 other features with your Xnspy license.

  • If someone does not have access to a WhatsApp stalking app, chances are they have no way of seeing your chat history or messages using another phone. That is because WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted and aren’t prone to interception from any other phone or device. A user would need a subscription to Xnspy to spy on WhatsApp messages and bypass the built-in encryption.

  • For starters, you cannot spy on WhatsApp without a target device. Put it succinctly, there are only two ways of reading someone's WhatsApp without the user knowing. The first is by linking the user's WhatsApp account with a WhatsApp Web or Desktop client. This method is quick, free, and easy, but has the caveat of the user always be notified when you sign in to the web or desktop client. The second way is to use Xnspy or other WhatsApp stalking apps. These stalking apps are the best way to spy on WhatsApp chats discreetly and without alerting the user.

  • Once WhatsApp messages are deleted on the device, there is no way to recover them. WhatsApp has two deletion options: “Delete for Me" and "Delete for Everyone." Delete for Me only deletes the message from your device but is still available on the recipient's device. Delete for Everyone deletes the message permanently for both parties. You would need an app to spy on WhatsApp if you’re looking to retain deleted messages.

  • WhatsApp isn’t just the most popular chat platform; it is also one of the most widely-used photo-sharing apps. With the help of WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption, it is completely safe to share private pictures on the app. However, the best WhatsApp tracker apps can easily view all private pictures sent to an account. Phones can also be set to automatically download all media sent to a WhatsApp account. Anyone browsing through the gallery could accidentally stumble upon the private photos.

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You Can Totally Rely on XNSPY - We’ve Got Your Back

XNSPY won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!


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Xnspy WhatsApp Monitoring – See Why it is the Best Option

Why would anyone want to track anyone's WhatsApp accounts is still a question pertinent to many people. Moreover, we don’t blame you. Not many people have good reasons to use a WhatsApp monitoring software such as Xnspy or make room for it in their lives. Private conversations remain private, and that’s that. Right?

Read More About XNSPY WhatsApp

Not quite. As it turns out, there could be a plethora of reasons why anyone would want to opt for Xnspy WhatsApp spy tools. Most of the people who decide to dip their toes into WhatsApp tracking fall into two categories: parents and employers. There is a third category that uses Xnspy to spy on WhatsApp chats, but they won’t get the screen time they’d want on this forum. But before we get to them, it’s important to address the first two primary categories.

Why Should Parents Install Xnspy WhatsApp Monitoring App?

Parents can potentially find a lot of benefits in monitoring their child's phone activity, not just their WhatsApp. Kids as young as 12 years old are now entrusted with independent devices and gadgets, and phones. This has led to a massive shift in parenting and demanded some semblance of control from the parents. Allowing children unrestricted and unadulterated access to the digital world has its consequences.

A spying app for WhatsApp, such as Xnspy, is the best method to gain this control back. It places the onus of responsibility on the parents and provides a clear outlook on their children’s browsing habits and digital use. But what do parents forego without WhatsApp stalking apps?

  • Digital Vulnerability

    Social media, instant messengers, and dating apps have essentially invited the entire world into a digital playing field that is largely unmoderated and without consequences. This community seldom faces any serious social accountability when clear boundaries are crossed. These can include cases of harassment, bullying, and victimization. And these are especially prevalent on WhatsApp.

  • Physical Privacy

    Social media apps like WhatsApp make it plenty easy to gain access to real-world information about a person, especially children. This makes them easy targets from sex offenders and abusers, who routinely establish a social connection on this instant messenger. And any WhatsApp spy software will attest to the fact that obtaining physical information about a person is no difficult task if you know where you’re looking.

  • Data Insecurity

    People today are seen as valuable currency. Data is the primary goldmine that interests tech companies, advertisers, and hackers. While the former two are notorious in their own right, it’s the last entry that creates real-world issues for most people. Phishing scams through WhatsApp are commonplace, and the largest demographic falling victim to these are the elderly and children. The best WhatsApp tracker app can help you locate these attempts and preemptively stop them.

Why Should Employers Use Xnspy App to Monitor WhatsApp?

Workplace monitoring has been part of many companies, but lately, the number of businesses partaking in this activity has skyrocketed. This is largely attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which ushered in a new wave of work-from-home culture. During the pandemic, remote working measures were initiated which led to an overwhelming increase in employers working from home. This led to employers installing spy apps for WhatsApp and other media onto company-issued phones and laptops. Xnspy was the premier choice by many.

Here are some of the reasons why employers may want to consider downloading an app to spy on WhatsApp and other social activities during office hours:

  • Data Security

    With remote working measures came a rise in cyberattacks worldwide. This spurred businesses to look for a quick fix that could then be rolled out as a permanent security policy. Employees needed access to office servers to share and download information, and in the case of financial, government, and healthcare institutions, this meant vulnerability in security. If an employee’s home network wasn’t protected sufficiently, entire project directories could be susceptible to hacks. Spyware for WhatsApp and other on-device activity helps tame these efforts.

  • Employee Vulnerability

    Sticking to the topic of cyberattacks, employee negligence can also be controlled with a WhatsApp spying app. This is typically done because most hacks today are a result of employee negligence or malicious actors within the workplace. Businesses can spy on WhatsApp messages, emails, and other chat services to ensure no data is leaking out of the company. Similarly, managers can also ensure that spam or messages designed for phishing attempts aren’t filtered through to the employees with a dedicated WhatsApp stalking app.

  • Employee Protection

    Cyberbullying and sexual misconduct aren't for children and teenagers to worry about. If managers spy on WhatsApp chats in the office group chats, they would quickly be made aware of any inappropriate discussions on the company or any of its employees. This is important, as most cases of sexual harassment and misconduct don’t happen within office premises, but online. With a WhatsApp spy for Android and iPhone like Xnspy, employers can nip this issue in the bud.

Why Should You Opt for Xnspy?

When it comes to picking the definitive spyware for WhatsApp, there are few that rival Xnspy. This is because Xnspy is the complete package for all your social media, instant messenger, and phone usage monitoring needs. This one app acts as an all-in-one toolkit for a thorough mobile tracking experience. Additionally, Xnspy has a lot of unique selling points that its major competitors do not. Before you download Xnspy to spy on WhatsApp conversations, it’s important to know what these selling points are.

  • Xnspy Supports All Popular Smartphones

    Xnspy is the only WhatsApp spy for iPhone and Android that has the same feature-set for both platforms. This means that users wanting to spy on WhatsApp conversations do not need to pick and choose which devices they can run the spyware on. Xnspy supports them all.

  • Xnspy Has the Cheapest Plans

    A big shock to consumers is the steep pricing of a lot of the WhatsApp spy software online. Most companies charge upwards of $50 per device, with many charging a few hundred dollars at least. And when you start to look a little closer, these spy apps for WhatsApp have very little differences in the way of features offered. Some that charge ludicrous amounts don’t have the development to back this price tag either, and flat out refuse to work on many devices. Take the spying remote WhatsApp spy, for instance. Most reviews of this app have users berating the app for not working on many devices. Some even have complaints regarding the newest devices. Xnspy is anything but that. Not only is it the best app to spy on WhatsApp, but has the lowest price tag among all of the competition, and has the biggest feature set too!

  • Xnspy is the Only WhatsApp Monitoring App with Ample Developmental Maturity

    Developmental maturity refers to how many years and updates an app or software has undergone. Xnspy has nearly a decade of development and support on its side. This makes the WhatsApp monitoring software unique in space, as it was one of the pioneers. Some of the features that Xnspy offered years ago are only beginning to make way into other WhatsApp spy tools now.

View All WhatsApp Text and Call History

With Xnspy, users can view not just the recent texts that have been sent to and from a device, but all previous chats, too. What's more, is that Xnspy’s WhatsApp tracking enables call logs to be visible too, as all the media (photos and videos) that were sent and received on the device. This makes Xnspy the defacto best spying app for WhatsApp on the internet today. Users can effortlessly find out whom their children and employees are talking to with only a few taps!


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