12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Call Log Monitoring to be at an Advantage at Work and Home!

12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Call Log Monitoring to be at an Advantage at Work and Home!

Whether you are a concerned parent, a responsible employer or even someone who is concerned for their loved ones wellbeing- you will know that you might not always have the upper hand when dealing with problems. You will know if you have dealt with enough problems that you might not always have a good hold on things especially if they involve emotional attachments or even some intense job related tasks. Sometimes you just wish you had a magic wand to do away with all your problems. This Xmas, you’ll have just that with the XNSPY call log monitoring.

In problems with kids, employees and even other loved ones the one thing you find yourself wanting is more information just so you can solve the problem faster and maybe even more efficiently. Employers and parents will relate to this the most. Imagine this scenario: your teenage son or daughter is locked up in their room for days and will not talk to you about their problems or at least what is making them so irritated. In cases like these you just wish your child would open up to you right? Well with how teenagers are it could take weeks if not months to have them finally tell you what was bothering them and by that time and by that time it is usually too late. And when you do find out what was bothering them, you will see that it was something you could have easily helped them with. Parents need to step in when kids as young as 12 are buying drugs by communicating with drug dealers through their phones and later getting in trouble because of it.

How does XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring Help Me?

If you have a busy life and find it increasingly hard to keep up with your kids’ lives then XNSPY is definitely the app for you. Using the Call Log Monitoring you can check sent and received calls with name and numbers on the targets phone. This makes it easier for parents to keep check on their kids remotely and have an eye on them even when they might not be with them.

Say for instance you fear that your child is keeping in contact with someone you may feel like is a bad influence on your own child. You can confirm your suspicions by using  XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring and check the number of the person they are calling, how many times they have called, how long did they call and to top it all off, you can even check the name of the person that was being called. XNSPY gives parents a detailed overview of their child’s call log history and helps them to keep them safe from dangers.

Parents can use this Call Log Monitoring for a plethora of reasons and keeping their children safe is just one of them.

The XNPSY Call Log Monitoring even gives parents information on where the call was made. The GPS tag will help parents to really keep a strict eye on their child and keep them away from harm’s way.

How XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring can help an Employer

But if you are not a parent but an employer who is concerned with their employee’s performance, this app can help you even more. The question on every employers mind during work hours is usually ‘Are my employees working to their fullest potential?’ or ‘Are they giving it their all?’ or even ‘Are they robbing me blind?’

All of these questions are absolutely well founded since a lot of employees will try and cheat you and make sure that they can slack off as much as they can during work hours. It is your job as an employer to make sure that your workforce are inspired to work as hard as they can while they are under you. But to accomplish this, you will need to utilize every tool at your disposal. Because let us be real: no one is really sincere about their job and really is in it for the money. Which is completely fair but this attitude does not inspire a drive for work; rather your employees will try and do as little work as possible for maximum gains. This is why is becomes imperative for you as an employer to use XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring and keep a stricter eye on them s that they do what they are told to. This can help you most if your employees are not always in your direct supervision and work off-site.

You will need to use the Call Log Monitoring to make sure who they call, if they are slacking off calling people during work hours, or even if they are calling the people they are supposed to. Any good employer will tell you that they have to keep a constant watch over their employees to guarantee efficient work flow.

The one thing most employers are scared of is, more than employees slacking off, is work related theft. Slacking off is something that every employer can deal with easily but catching work related thievery becomes difficult. You may have suspicions that one of your employees is stealing from you but suspicions are just that: suspicions.

You cannot even go up and accuse the suspect of the crime because if you do and you find out that they do not have anything on them and your suspicions were unfounded, well you just may end up with a lawsuit on your hands. But if you do use the right tools such as XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring, you can check call logs and see whether they are making suspicious calls during work hours and then use this information to catch them in the act.

So using XNSPY’s Call Log Monitoring you can confirm your suspicions and gather every bit of information you can to take care of any problems that you may face. Dealing with problems is not hard if you have the right tools and XNSPY is one such tool that can help you with any and every problem that you may encounter through your lives.


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