12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Instagram Monitoring into 2018

12 Days of XNSPY Xmas—Instagram Monitoring into 2018

Instagram is perhaps the most popular social media platform out there, rivaling the likes of Facebook and Snapchat. It is perhaps every teenager’s personal favorite because of how simple it is compared to Facebook or even Snapchat, it’s just to the point and pretty with a lot of potential. Your children are migrating away from Facebook and settling in Instagram. So this Xmas, tuck into the Instagram monitoring feature for all your parental worries.

Instagram is a unique and creative way to share pictures, selfies and personal photography. Since Instagram launched in 2010, it became a secondary to Facebook as we saw more and more people leave Facebook to use Instagram.

But as we’ve seen with Facebook over the years, it has a lot of vulnerabilities and issues that most parents aren’t aware of or weren’t aware of. The same goes for Instagram. According to a Pew report, 53% of young adults between the ages of 18-29 have an active Instagram account and is the top most photo sharing app amongst minors between the ages 12-17.

But Beyond the pretty filters and prettier pictures, there are some serious dangers on Instagram.

1. Privacy Settings

The default settings for Instagram sharing pictures are public. This means that anyone can follow anyone on Instagram and any image can be viewed by anyone. This can be extremely dangerous if the public images are at a school or any landmark any potential predator can use to locate a minor. Places such as school, their house or even where they might go to hang out with their friends.

Adolescents really don’t worry or really know of the real dangers that are present and it’s their parents that do the worrying. Where are they, when will they be home, how are they going to get home? If you pay enough attention to your child and how they use Instagram, it would be pretty to have their privacy settings to private so you can somewhat control who sees their pictures.

2. Location Tagging

Instagram allows users to tag an image they take and post with the geographic location of the place where they took the picture. This reason is obviously dangerous feature to the app for young adults or any minor. If they frequent any place usually, places like their home, or their hangout place, they can easily be tracked.

Parents really shouldn’t allow their children to use this feature since, really, Is there really a need to broadcast where they are exactly to the entire world?

3. Inappropriate Content

There really isn’t a way to filter the massive amount of porn or other inappropriate content that just happens to show up on your feed when you’re going through the discover tab.  What shows up on your discover tab really depends on the people you follow and what you usually look up when you’re browsing Instagram.  Usually the pictures or posts that show up on your discover tag are linked to your browsing history too and even Facebook. So whatever your interests on Facebook are whatever you look up on Instagram, the same type of posts will show up on your feed.

There really isn’t a way to avoid what shows up on the discover tab unless you make sure that your child follows the right people and not anyone they don’t know and that they don’t look up anything too risqué.

4. Inappropriate Treatment

Instagram is the home to and a birthplace of the Instagram ‘model’. An Instagram model is a person who posts pictures of themselves modelling who get noticed by some companies who send over their products to these people who wear and model in these products. Nothing inherently wrong with that.

People however will do a lot to get noticed on Instagram and will post inappropriate pictures of themselves to their thousands or millions of followers. Also if they are adults, there’s nothing completely wrong with them doing this.

But the implication of this effects their followers, a lot of whom are impressionable minors. These people set a dangerous precedent. They set beauty standards for their followers and anyone who doesn’t look that is thought less of. Anyone who themselves doesn’t look like that seems to think they’re not beautiful or attractive or worthy of validation.

To try and copy what your idol is wearing and to replicate their style is nothing new and we’ve been seeing that throughout the ages. But when it becomes a problem is when 11, 12 or 13 year old are posting suggestive pictures. Anyone under 13 isn’t even allowed to have Instagram account.

By its nature Instagram is inherently a place that supports physical beauty over anything else. There are literally several pages dedicated to galleries of girls dedicated to rating them by how ‘hot’ they are, often without the person being features actually knowing that their pictures are being featured.

Reports of young boys as old as 12 or 13 swapping pictures of girls who they find attractive amongst each other via their smartphones. Objectification in its truest form.

XNSPY as A Tool

XNSPY is a powerful tool that will help you get involved with your children especially when it comes to their online life and what they do there. XNSPY is a cellphone tracking application that tracks a target device’s use once XNSPY is installed on their phone.

With XNSPY’s Instagram Spy feature, you’ll be able to check in on their Instagram use. This means that you’ll be able to track who they follow, who their followers are. You’ll also be able to track their direct messages, which is what anyone would use to come in direct contact with someone on Instagram and usually these messages are explicit. You might have heard of the term ‘sliding into the DM’s’. This phrase has obviously explicit connotations and it connected with exactly what you think it means

XNSPY will also track the target’s device in real time, so you’ll be able to see where your child is exactly and you can even check to see if they are actually are where they say they are.


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