2015 Roundup: the XNSPY Year in Review

XNSPY Year in Review

Another year gone! And what a progressive year it has been for us at XNSPY. Our application has made leaps and bounds in the production front and we’ve become bigger and better than ever. Our customer base keeps on growing which has only driven us to make more improvements, and put our think tank together to bring you more features.

Let’s take a look back at some of our biggest breakthroughs of the year.

XNSPY Includes iCloud Monitoring

We kicked off our year by bringing you an alternative to our iPhone app—the iCloud monitoring software. This version of our app required no Jailbreak on the target phone and was easily accessible through your Apple credentials. This way, we were able to get many more iPhone users on board. We realized that a lot of you wanted the complete benefits of a monitoring app with the constraints of the iOS, so we found a great solution in iCloud monitoring.

New Features: Kik and Live Snapshots

Next up, we wanted to make sure that we leave no bases untouched. That meant that we developed two brand new features. Kik monitoring was the latest addition to our IM monitoring functions. The rising popularity of the messaging service begged us to jump on board. At the same time, we developed the Live Screenshots feature that allows parents/employers to take—the game is in the name—screenshots of the target phone live.

Portuguese, Spanish and German Versions

XNSPY also went global this year. We started off by introducing the Spanish version for XNSPY. The response was so great that we added Portuguese and German soon after that. All our products and services—including the website, manuals and the Control Panel—are available in those languages. Not to mention that the blogs in the languages are also up and running.

iOS 9.2 Compatibility

We’ve ended the year on another high by upgrading our iPhone monitoring app to be compatible with the latest iOS 9.2. All those users who had upgraded their operating system were able to continue using XNSPY seamlessly. And it invited even more savvy iPhone users to try our monitoring app as well. And let’s not forget that this news came first in the #12daysofXNSPY series.

Here’s to an Innovative 2016!

All in all, it has been a year full of breakthroughs, additions, improvements and upgrades. We found ourselves putting our heads together more and more often as our customer base grew bigger. We are absolutely certain that 2016 is going to be another big year for us. For us at XNSPY, the only way to go is ahead.

Happy New Year!


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