3 Hacks with XNSPY that Would Go Spooktacularly Well on Halloween

3 Hacks with XNSPY that Would Go Spooktacularly Well on Halloween

I love this time of the year. I love the smell of pumpkin spice, I love how everyone makes an effort to light up their office and I love the fact that everyone can escape their realities for a little while by putting on a mask. It’s probably why most children love it, too, because who is better at make-believe than their young minds? That and the promise of free candy. But then, you also remember how reckless kids can be and how quickly Halloween can slip into a series of unfortunate events. So as the parent, you’re bound to be thinking about the whole family’s safety. What if we told you there is a clever, quite efficient way of attaining this with the help of XNSPY for child monitoring? It is probably all you’re going to need to go through Halloween in 2016.

What Goes Down on Halloween?

Halloween, no doubt is a fun time for the entire family. It is the one time of the year where the house gets to look spooky and wonderful. The kids get to become their favorite characters for once—be it Batman with the cape, Queen Elsa with the lovely blue dress, or Harley Quinn with the red and blue pigtails. But then the very fact that you can conceal your identity with a costume is rather scary. Predators know that there will be lots of kids out there looking for free candy. And it provides them with the perfect opportunity to step in. This is where parents will have to step in with their handy devices and tools and parental control apps for the child’s protection. Here are three parenting hacks you can achieve with XNSPY.

1. Mark Safe Areas

Using the geo-fencing feature, you can take a look at the map of your neighborhood or your town and mark those as the safe areas. This way, you will have set virtual parameters around the place your kids are allowed to go trick or treating. These are the places you know are nearby and the places where your kids don’t have that much of a chance to get lost. If you’ve got more than one child, chances are they will be going out with each of their separate friend groups. In that case, marking safe areas on the map will give you the ability to keep an eye on all of them at the same time.


2. Mark Danger Zones

In the same way, you can mark danger zones on the map. Places likely to be having adult parties, or bars or shady areas of the neighborhood can be marked on the map so that parents can get a push notification anytime the child tries to enter those zones.

3. Have a Blast all the Same

XNSPY for child monitoring is used as a precautionary measure instead of as damage control. When you’ve taken the right precautions, you can avoid troubles and unfortunate incidents all the same. Halloween is super fun; your children get to step out of their comfort zones, become spooky or fun characters and have a bunch of candy as a bonus. You shouldn’t let little incidents ruin their day. It’s the only reason we are asking you to be vigilant using your parental control app.

When you’re got the right apps, no one can stop you or your family from having a blast this Halloween!

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