3 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Avoid Halloween Horrors

It’s Halloween! This is honestly my favorite holiday of the year. If you must know, I’m going as Jesse Pinkman. I’ve got my hoodie and beanie and the prop blue sky ready, and I’ve even found someone to be my Heisenberg.

Pretty sure your kids have plans way crazier than mine. They were probably waiting to binge on a bucket load of candy all year. And they’re probably going to go to all the houses they can. So there’s a fair chance that they could get themselves in trouble. Kids in fancy dress walking around unattended? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Unless you take the necessary precautions. Like a mobile phone tracker to make sure your kids are safe throughout their spooky night. Let me tell you how.

Trick-or-Treating in Safe Areas

You mobile tracker does a lot more than simple GPS tracking. It lets you define safe and unsafe areas. So before your child goes out on Halloween night with friends, put on the map the areas you think are safe to trick-or-treat and those you think are unsafe. You wouldn’t want them to stray to a bad part of the neighborhood and knock on their doors, would you? Your tracker will alert you if they enter the unsafe areas so you can get to them in time.

Making Sure They Don’t Get Lost

Here’s another thing you should discuss with your kids before they head out in their costumes. Give them a walkthrough of the route you think they should take in their quest for candy and other sugary snacks. And then track their GPS location to make sure they follow it. If you see them straying away, that’s when you know you need to intervene.


Listening their Surroundings

Another great feature of your mobile tracker is that it bugs their phone, so you are able to record their surroundings. So when you’re sitting at home, wondering if your child is okay, you can simply listen to what they’re doing in that moment. If anything, you can just reassure yourself that everything is in fact okay.

Things often have a tendency of going wrong on Halloween. Maybe it’s because predators can hide in plain sight. Maybe it’s because people let their inhibitions down, adults get drunk and become careless. But in any case, it is so important that you look after your kids closely today. Let them have their fun trick-or-treating, but make sure they have a safe night and avoid Halloween horrors. Happy Halloween!

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