4 Problems XNSPY Parental Monitoring App Can Solve

4 Problems XNSPY Parental Monitoring App Can Solve

The applicability of the XNSPY parental monitoring app is bound only by the user’s imagination. Here at the XNSPY official blog, we try to talk about as many possible situations you can get into that can be solved with a good parental app. Often enough, you guys write to us and tell us about new ways you found to use your parental controls and that just adds to our archive.

Here are the top teen related problems that we found can be easily solved with your parenting mobile app.

Sleep Deprivation

We found that only 8% teens get the right amount of sleep. The rest of the 92% are struggling to balance good grades, a social life and working for the future—that is applying to colleges, trying to score good internships or trying to get scholarships. All of this contributes to stress in their lives. Here is an infographic that illustrates this:


What a parental control can do is monitor the amount of times your teen spends sleeping and identify all the stressors in their life. Because while some stressors are visible given their stage of life, others may be hidden and will need some digging before you truly know what they are.


Cyberbulling continues to exist even when social media creators and web geniuses are coming together to invent ways to control it. As long as the internet exists, people will say whatever they want in the guise of freedom of speech. Cyberbullying affects a teen’s quality of life in that it affects their grades, happiness and even appetite.

XNSPY can be used as a precursor by parents. Installing the app on their phones will ensure you know of all the communication being conducted through their phones. You will be able to recognize when something is going awry and will be able to stop it before it all goes to the dogs.

Addiction and Drug Use

36.4% kids under 18 years of age admitted that they have tried marijuana at least once in their lives. These are the same kids who have consumed alcohol while they were still in high school. Some say this is where it all begins… “trying” something with friends because it is deemed cool and then slowly losing control to harder, more harmful narcotics. Here is an infographic that explains it:


Of course, parents have some control over this situation with their parental monitoring app. A good use of the Watchlist feature will help them know if their teen is trying something they’d be better off without.

Away From Home Safety

Of course, all parents worry about what their child gets up to when they are away from home, especially if the said child has just started driving on their own. Teens can get rather reckless what with their need for cheap thrills and an appetite for independence. This often leads to some unnerving incidents:


Once again, parents can use the geo-fencer and GPS tracker on their parental apps to make sure their kids are doing things right, following rules, being safe and getting home on time.

What do you use your parental control app for? Let us know in the comments below!


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