5 Simple Rules for Owning a Brand New iPhone with the iOS 10

5 Simple Rules for Owning a Brand New iPhone with the iOS 10

Haven’t you heard? XNSPY is now compatible with the iOS 10! And this mom has some really good piece of advice for parents out there whose children will be begging for the new iPhone 7. If you follow these 5 rules, you’ll have yourself a much easier time…

When my daughter begged and pleaded that all her friends have an iPhone and she wants one ever so badly, I had to give in. But don’t worry. I’m not the kind of mother than gives in to their kid’s tantrums. I like having discipline and a system in my household, and so far it has done a lot of good for me. So when I did buy her an iPhone it was not without rules. I had those rules be exceptionally clear between us and I told her that if they were breached, she would lose her privileges and be phone-less once more. Moreover, I also had her know that she can’t be sneaky about them either. If she did break a rule, I would know about it because I had my iPhone spying app acting as my hall monitor, keeping me informed. And this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, because apparently, XNSPY is now compatible with the iOS 10 as well.

These are some of the rules I enforced that should help you out as well.

1. No Inappropriate Apps

Right off the bat, I told her that the iPhone is not to be used to any inappropriate apps. This is a reasonable request, isn’t it? There is a lot of adult content out there not suitable for children and now it is available in app form. This means that they can access it anytime they like because it is only a tap of your finger away.

How do I use the iPhone monitoring app to enforce this rule? It’s quite simple. When I have my daughter’s phone connected with the monitoring service, I can view a list of her installed apps. This way, I always know what is on her phone. When I see something I don’t like, I point it out and make sure I have a discussion with her about why she downloaded the app and what she wanted to gain from it. It is also a chance for me to talk to her and tell her the whys. Parents tend to tell children to stay away from certain things without explaining why it is harmful. I always tell her why a certain app is harmful to her.

2. Follow Cyber Curfew

Another thing my daughter knows to do is to hand in her phone every night at 9 p.m. She is absolutely not allowed to use any technology after that time. Call me old fashioned, but I am big believer in reading books before getting a good night’s sleep. I want my daughter to be well acquainted in all aspects of life. While I appreciate the plethora of information that the internet has to offer, I also want her not to be overly dependent on it. I want her to try out her talent in other avenues—like literature, ballet, music and the like. Being too absorbed in her online world gives her the information, but what’s the point of it if she keeps it all in her head. She needs some “me time” to be able to put everything she learns on the internet to good use.

How to I make sure she isn’t using the internet past her curfew? If I detect any activity, all I have to do is remotely lock her phone using the iPhone monitoring system and she is unable to use it until such time that I unlock it for her.

3. No Hurtful Language

Something that I feel very strongly for is cyberbulling. I feel like it is an issue that needs to be better addressed, not just by the government, but by the admins and developers that run these social media platforms. I always make sure to let my daughter know how horribly I think of such online behavior. I tell her that her words always have consequences, even if she is hidden behind her computer screen. I don’t want her to be the one who leaves mean comments on other children’s pictures or in the YouTube comments section or anything of the like. I want her to be a good digital citizen. This is why as long as she wants her iPhone, she isn’t allowed to use hurtful language on it.

On my iPhone app, I have something called the Watchlist. This helps me set triggers for certain words. I have set alarms for swear words, or suspicious language that I have heard my daughter use to make sure she isn’t being irresponsible. At the same time, I can also make sure that she is not the one being the victim of cyberbullying either.

4. No Inappropriate Music

I encourage music strongly in my household. I feel like children learn much better in other aspects of school if they learn how to play an instrument. If not, being at one with music in itself is a good attribute to have. However, I don’t agree with a lot of the popular music that is on the radio. I think the content and lyrics of a lot of popular songs are misogynistic, violent and immoral. I don’t want my daughter listening to music that objectifies women, promotes violence or has nothing of good value to add in her life. I realize that some popular music is also about self-love, being positive, or striving for the best. So I have to a bit of filtering myself to make sure they is only exposed to the appropriate stuff.

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How do I make this possible? The iPhone monitoring app gives me the ability to view her stored audio files. This way, I can check what she is listening to and I can certainly talk to her about why she should not be listening to certain artists.

5. Browse Carefully

Finally, when it comes to browsing the internet, she is encouraged to be vigilant. She is not to visit adult websites for starters. Moreover, she shouldn’t be on gambling sites, spend excessive amounts of time on Netfix. She is to be careful about who she talks to and what information she shares about herself on the internet.

I make sure that she isn’t visiting harmful websites by checking her browser history. I do it using the iPhone spy app once more. I can see exactly what website she visited at what time of what day.

The point of all these rules is not to suffocate my daughter. It is to teach her that with power comes responsibility and that there are certain rules in life that make you a better person. Being reckless with technology can have consequences that I just don’t want for her.

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