5 Tips that Will Help You Use XNSPY iCloud Monitoring to Its Full Potential

5 Tips that Will Help You Use XNSPY iCloud Monitoring to Its Full Potential

We’ve all heard about the XNSPY parental control that does a great job at keeping parents informed ion their kids whereabouts and online activities. But most parents don’t use the application to its full potential. Which is a shame because the app has so much to offer that other parental controls don’t. This is why we thought we’d give you a few tips on using XNSPY iCloud monitoring to its full potential so that you can take your parenting to the next level.

1.   Keeping it Discreet

The first thing you’ve got to do with XNSPY is to keep things discreet. If your kids are aware of the fact that they have parental controls installed on their smartphones, they are likely to retaliate. You may have to go through tantrums, confrontations, and then silent protestations. They’d try to get rid of the application or find a way to block it (wiping the phone’s memory, rebooting to factory settings). This is why upon installation, XNSPY gives you the option to go in invisible mode on your child’s phone. This means that the kids won’t ever find out that it’s there and you can carry out your parental duties as per usual.

2.   Using the Watchlist

Here’s another great feature from XNSPY that is vastly underused—the Watchlist. What the Watchlist does is mark some ‘trigger’ activities. This means you’re essentially Blacklisting certain…

  • Contacts
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Words

…so that anytime they are used, you receive an instant alert about this. The ‘blacklisted’ item can be anything that you find dangerous, inappropriate, mischievous, or simply something you need to keep an eye on. It could be words such as “smoke”, or “pot” or “beer”. Or it could be your kid’s friend Joe that you think is a bad influence.

3.   The Screenshot Hack

While it is true that XNSPY has a number of great features, some of which tend to monitor certain apps, there are still certain areas it leaves uncovered. To be fair, there are tons of applications out there, and it is difficult to find a way to monitor them all. But here is something you can use as a way to hack your XNSPY parental control—the screenshot feature. What it does is take live screenshots of your child’s phone and upload them onto the online control panel. So you don’t miss out ever.

4.   Geo-fencing the Right Way

Geo-fencing is a way to mark certain locations as safe and certain locations as unsafe. By creating fences around areas, you track your child so that you are informed of where they go and receive alerts in case they cross dangerous areas. You can create fences around school to find out if your child is skipping classes (you’ll receive an alert telling you your child has left the campus premises). All in all, it is a wonderful way to know of child’s whereabouts in a responsible manner.