6 Pro Tips for Using WhatsApp Spy App—An Entrepreneur’s Guide

6 Pro Tips for Using WhatsApp Spy App—An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Take a few tips from an XNSPY user who runs his own business with the help of our WhatsApp feature. Here is his guide in his own words…

New to employee monitoring?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. When I first began my logistics business, I knew that eventually, I was going to have to work o ut a system that would keep me informed. At the very beginning, I hired people through references, people I could absolutely trust. But business was small then, and problems did not arise at all. In due course, my company grew. I hired more people, this time not through referrals, but a proper recruitment process. Now, I had a fleet team of 8 riders and a sales team of 5. All of whom worked out of the office. Whether it was to deliver to pick up goods, or to make sales presentations to prospect clients, I found myself handling more people off shore than I would do on shore.

This is when I knew that I had to come up with a formalized system to make things work. I always encourage intercommunication amongst my employees, especially when they are out on the field. So, I thought to myself, I need a way to monitor those communications if I’m going to have a good handle on the control of my operations.

The way I achieved that was through the XNSPY WhatsApp spy app. Now, this is a useful little widget that has helped me immensely in employee management. So, for future entrepreneurs and business owners, I decided to put together a few tip and tricks of using this app that helped me through the years. Maybe you’ll find something that helps you out, too.

1.     Keep All Employees on One Interface

The first thing you should do when you get XNSPY is make sure you use a singular account to monitor the devices of all your employees. For example, I’ve got 8 riders and 5 salespeople. 8 plus 5 equals 13. I need to monitor 13 devices. However, instead of creating 13 accounts, I am going to create a single, head account. Only I will have access to this and all 13 devices will be on this lone account. Basically, this little trick keeps all my outbound staff on one interface so I don’t have to spend time in the hassle of switching tabs.

2.     Keep Tabs of the Time Stamps

Another thing that’s keep my momentum with monitoring going is that I keep a tab on the time stamps of each WhatsApp message sent. This way, I know exactly at what time a particular conversation went on between two employee or an employee and a client. This makes order placing and order delivery more accurate and I am able to expedite operations sitting at the office.

3.     Keep an Alert for Trigger Words

This is a really useful tip, and one that saves me a lot of time. As a manager or expediter, chances are that there is plenty more that you’ve got to do at the office without having to look over an outbound staff. What you’ve got to do then is to set alarms for certain trigger words. For example, I’ve set triggers on “delivery” or “merchandiser”. This way, I know exactly when a key activity is taking place out in the field that needs my attention right away.

4.     Keep Check of the Media Folders

Now, apart from just the chats, my employees exchange media on WhatsApp as well. This include voice notes from meetings, pictures of package deliveries or ticket times, videos recording the arrival of the shipment and the like. In this case, make sure that on your XNSPY WhatsApp monitoring app, you are also looking at the gallery monitors to check for all the exchanged media that have been saved in the folders.

5.     Remotely Lock Conversations

Another thing you can do is remotely lock the phone which automatically locks the conversation. This is rather handy, especially in times when you suspect there is fraud or misbehavior out in the field. I had an incident a few months ago where an employee accepted payment in the form of cash from a client that usually pays in credit. The fraudulent employee pocketed the cash and did not show up to work the next day. I have found that locking conversations gives then the hint that they’ve been caught or that they’re stepping out of line.

6.     Read History When Required

Moreover, if you can’t spend all day looking at your monitoring app (which is probably what’s it’s going to be like most days), you can still catch up at the end of the day by going through the history. All WhatsApp chats will be saved onto a log on your Control Panel, so you can come back to them anytime you like.

WhatsApp spy app has a lot of potential as an employee monitoring tool if you know just how to use it. Just make sure you include a healthy amount of hands on monitoring to complement your digital surveillance.

How do YOU use XNSPY? Let us know in the comments below!

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