Are Your Kids Unknowingly Being Reformed by the Internet?

I cannot believe that we even have to have a conversation about this honestly. This is something that should easily be an open and shut case. But since kids are so heavily influenced by even the minutest of things they see, they will eventually act upon what they are being influenced by. And now since we already know that most kids and even teens spend most of their time on YouTube watching hours and hours’ worth of content-we as parents have got to be start being more careful.

You might not even know it but your kid might have even started to mirror characteristics and mannerisms of their favorite YouTubers. You might have even dismissed this display as some random oddity or might have even accepted it as their personalities. This was first brought to my attention with the whole Jake and Logan Paul controversy started. Watching their videos and the behavior, mannerisms and general characteristics I definitely began to understand how and just exactly why a lot of pre-teens, especially boys around me had started to act somewhat ‘off’. At first I like many other parents and adults dismissed this as kids being kids. But when I watched some of Logan and Jake Paul’s content, I saw how scary their influence on these kids was.

Are Parents Blissfully Ignorant or Actively Ignorant?

So this comes as no surprise that one of- if not the main cause of this rise of odd behavior in your kids would be because parents have become ignorant of what their children are doing. Now I am not saying that parents are completely out of the loop of their children’s lives but what I am saying is that they choose knowingly or otherwise to ignore some aspects of their kid’s lives. And I believe that today that stems from fear of technology– among other reasons.

Parents are afraid to engage in their children’s lives because these lives are mostly online. And since parents are afraid to learn and interact with the technology their children are using they usually ignore it. The consequences for this are most of the time-extremely dire. What can be just so easily avoided is mot and we are left with a lot of people hurt in the end.

But what if I told you there was an easier way to interact with the technology their kids are using? You might have already guessed it but it is XNSPY. XNSPY is a smart child monitoring app that allows you to non-invasively tap into your children’s lives. There is a huge amount of apps and sites and online services that your kids use which if you have not grown up with are hard to learn. Even if you do manage to learn or two of the apps or sites your kids might use, there are a multitude of others that you might have to learn as well.

XNSPY provides an easy way into that multitude of apps. Use XNSPY to view what your child is doing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram and a ton of other apps. But it does not stop there, XNSPY can track live location, read internet browsing history, monitor calls, read texts and the list goes on and on.

So that now brings us to actively ignorant part. Blissful ignorance is excusable and forgivable. But when you know that your child is displaying odd behavior and you even have suspicions of where it might be originating from well then that is just painful ignorance.

And I know that you might have been through this before. I have too! But back when our parents were raising us- it was easier to monitor what we were doing. But today with the absurd amount of technology in our lives and in our homes it has actually become difficult to manage everything. But that should not deter you from taking part in your children’s lives.

There are so many outlets that teach how to use this technology for free or at least make it easier for parents or anyone who wants to learn. Like say XNSPY. XNSPY makes it so easy for parents to access the online lives of their kids but only if the parents took some initiative.

Today YouTube, Tommorow Something Worse

YouTube is a generally harmless platform and the content geared toward children is the same as well-with some exceptions of course.

But like I talked about before, it does in one way or another shape your child’s personality. They might become louder, more obscene, even more knowledgeable. Whatever the case maybe you need to know where this change is coming from and whether you need to step in and cut it off. XNSPY is your one stop to this.

I do not think it might be too farfetched to presume that if you let your kids have their own way right now and ignore what they do- then they just might take advantage of this. Later on in their lives- be it their later teen years or adult life. Once they find out that their actions are without consequence then it becomes pretty easy for them to indulge in activities that you as a parent might not have even heard of.

These activities can be either positive or negative but you know how teens are and how easy it is for them to get in trouble. Most of what they are going to do is going to end up hurting themselves or others around them. You cannot just stand there and watch can you. Do not be blissfully ignorant or actively ignorant. A small amount of fear and laziness on your part can lead so some devastating consequences.

So do not take that chance. Take an active part in your child’s life and make them realize that you are watching them. Let them know that you- the parent are always two steps ahead and most importantly let them know that you care.