Baby Boomers Can Be Digital in Parenting, Too

Baby Boomers Can Be Digital in Parenting, Too

5 years ago, it seemed that parents are lagging behind on digital platforms in comparison to their kids. Kids had the entire cyberverse to themselves. But lately, parents have started catching up. And now that they understand that social problems exist in a new format in the internet just as they do in the real world, parenting has taken on a new form, too. That’s why cell phone parental control is Gen-X’s app of choice.

With regards to innovation, whether it be buyer tech or the general ideas of mechanical headway, a great many people in our present day society would state you ought to adjust or kick the bucket. While that won’t not be an issue for Millennials the generation preceding them—the baby boomers have had a rather blended ordeal with regards to adjusting to new innovation, or notwithstanding staying aware of the practically out of date.

With people born after WW2, they either are or aren’t adaptable to these new technologies– and the vast majority of that needs to do with how much persistence we can show towards all these new innovations. Is it entire possible for Baby Boomers to keep up with apps and how to use them? Should they at least try and keep up with new smart tech?

I have a feeling that if they start by using tech that concerns them most closely, such as the parental controls we were talking about earlier, they will probably stand a better chance of getting along with the new wave of technology.

What Does Parental Control Do?

On smartphones, a good parental control will let you monitor your child’s calls, texts, IMs, browsing history, and location, at the very least. It will let you see what your kid views on their phone, who they communicate on it with. Basically, it keeps you in the know so you can filter out the bad stuff from their lives. A better mobile monitoring app would let you see what’s on their phone inside and out. The best part about using this sort of an app is that it does a lot more than just censor or block content. It allows you to truly look through and through the phone, giving you a better understanding of what your child gets upto in a place where you usually don’t look. That “place” being the internet. Parents are often blindsided by their children online because parents can’t really find the means to look through each and every website that the child visits in secret. With XNSPY, there are no more secrets between you and your child. And even if the child does not volunteer the correct information, you would have it on hand—which you should do as the parent/guardian.

How is XNSPY Better?

XNSPY gives you the regular stuff… lets the curious Gen-X parent to go through their kid’s calls, texts, and locations. But it also gives them remote access to their phones. This means they can do a lot more with it than a regular parental control. They can

  • View a list of their installed apps
  • View their media gallery
  • View their internet browsing history
  • Lock their phone remotely
  • Wipe their phone data
  • Put certain contacts on the ‘watchlist’
  • Put certain words on the ‘watchlist’
  • Create safe and unsafe areas on the map and be notified when they enter unsafe areas

It essentially allows parents to not only regulate the content that a child is able to view on their phones, but also track them. So in a way, Gen-X has found a way to apply digital platforms in the real world as well.

Is Digital Parenting the Future

Studies have shown that 70% parents would want to use cell phone parental control. This means that that amount of parents would be inclined to install XNSPY on their kid’s phone. Which is quite progressive because while it is great that Gen-Y has found an outlet for communication, creativity and social stances, they need Gen-X to mediate the social problems that the online world has created. It’s not that Gen-X is far from being tech savvy. It is just that Millennials have been born into a world where the internet already existed. Further ahead we’ll have Gen-Z, a generation that has been born into a world where social media already existed. So of course, the internet perhaps comes more naturally to these groups than it does to Gen-X. While it is true that they may have learn a few things and that will take time, it will only do their children good if they are proactive in getting on it while they can. It is the future after all, and Gen-X has kept up with the times so far. Why not keep on keeping it on?


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