Dealing With Addiction With iPhone Monitoring—Part 3

Dealing With Addiction With iPhone Monitoring—Part 3

Here is the final part of one XNSPY Dad’s experience on dealing with his son’s addiction. Make sure you go through parts 1 and part 2 to understand his story better. In this blog, he talks about how iPhone monitoring helps him mediate his son’s situation…

How iPhone Monitoring Helped

It was at this stage that I began to use the iPhone spyware on my son. When he first attained sobriety, I wanted to make sure he never ever got back into his old ways again. At the same time, I knew relapse was part of the recovery. So I absolutely wanted to be prepared when something like that would happen.

My iPhone monitoring software helped me do two things. It helped me track his current location and give me a log of all the places he had been. It also helped me read every single one of his messages and modes of communication, be it through text, WhatsApp, Facebook, or even email. I knew who he was contacting and what sort of things he was talking about.

Another thing that the iPhone monitoring app had was something called the Watchlist. This was an alarm system where I could mark suspicious activity. Immediately, I put in the numbers of all the kids that my son used to hang out with when he was using. I also made sure to mark all the places on the map where he used to visit his “dealer”. I also specified the names of the drugs and other suspicious words. The Watchlist would give me an instant notification anytime there was any activity happening relating to the things I had Blacklisted.

Sure enough, a month after his recovery, my son contacted one of the kids on my Blacklist who was supposedly his “dealer”. I confronted him right away and asked him if he wanted to go back into the centre if he felt like he wasn’t ready. He was embarrassed and said he was stop. But I knew he was relapsing and soon the urge to use would become strong again. I was right. He somehow found a way to communicate with the dealer without his phone and decided to meet up with him in one of his old spots. Because I was tracking his location, I found out the exact moment he went to see the guy.

This was the toughest part of his recovery, having to go through it all over again. But once we got through this part, things got much better.

Helping Him Stay Clean

I still continue to use my iPhone spyware on my child, even though he is 11 months sober now. He has gone back to his normal routine. He is doing well in school again and he is staying out of trouble. But I still keep an eye on the Watchlist. I still go through what he browses for on the internet and make sure I read through his messages as they appear. I have to be vigilant now because I wasn’t then and had to pay a huge price for it.

The reason I wrote this piece was to share with you some of the methods I used to help my son. I know everyone always talks about helping through counseling and through moral actions. But when I was experiencing this, I wanted someone to give me a tangible solution. Something like a cure, a medicine I could use to fix my son, or a magic want I could wave to make it all go away. Although I found no magic want, I found a great way to monitor my child’s progress. So I guess I’m writing this to tell you that some tools do exist. And even if this post benefits a single parent, I would consider my job done.

Share this experience blog with anyone who think could use some help. If you’ve got a similar story of your own that you might think will help others in need, write to us and be featured right here on this blog.


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