Do Kids Really Use their Smartphones for “Homework”?

Do Kids Really Use their Smartphones for “Homework”?

Smartphones have become more than just phones. In fact, they are more “smart” in their nature because using them to call one another is now only a small part of why we use them. Now that kids are starting to get phones at increasingly younger ages, kids are exposed to a plethora of knowledge and information from the moment they are born. When they have access to this form of infinite knowledge from the get-go, they tend to become information-minded, trying to find out the answers to the hundreds of questions that pop up in their little heads throughout the day. But the question is to what extent are kids using their smartphones for homework? To what extent to they use it to add to their knowledge and not just fill it with fluff—likes on selfies, and getting more followers, and thinking of a suitable one-liner to go with a meme?

Learning is Connected

The truth is, in this time it is impossible for your child to learn and do their schoolwork without their devices. Kids use them to:

  • Do research
  • Read books online
  • Read papers and additional information
  • Watch tutorial videos

Like we said earlier, knowledge on the internet is infinite. Kids often find themselves looking up one thing, which leads to them reading about another and so on. It’s called the Wikipedia effect.

Here’s an infographic which shows how important learning on the go is:

Accepting the Information Era

Expecting kids to only use their smartphones for homework is unrealistic. They’ve got an entire world open to them through their screens and kids are little explorers. Let them discover that world on their own—learning doesn’t just have to be academic you know. It should be all around them. What you can do, however, is to use parental controls to make sure they are keeping on the right track and not visiting pages that are too inappropriate. You can even make sure that their time on their smartphone is  distributed across learning, entertainment and leisure in a healthy manner.


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