Here’s What Mobile Spy Features to Look for in a Parental Control

Here’s What Mobile Spy Features to Look for in a Parental Control

Parental controls are, without a doubt, really necessary in this day and age. What you’ve got to know, however, is which ones to pick out from the crowd. Not every parental app gives you what you are looking for. Some have singular functions while others are more complex. To help you decide which one is most suitable for you, we’ve decided to list down the mobile spy features that you should be looking for.

1.     Call Recording

First of all, any proper parental control should come with call recording. This means you should be able to remote record calls that your child makes or receives. You should also be able to listen to them and download their audio files for later viewing.

2.     WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp, as every parent would know, is super popular amongst kids. They check for their messages as often as you would’ve looked at your wristwatch back in the day. In this case, you need an app with monitoring features that cater to WhatsApp as well. Here, you should be able to read the chats, check WhatsApp call logs, as well as go through media shared.

3.     GPS Tracker

Another sign of a suitable app for parents is that it comes with a built in GPS tracker. This means that if you install the app onto your child’s phone, you would be able to track their location as well. You should get their location stats, check in on their routes, and even set geo fences so you get alerts anytime they enter a danger zone or a safe area.

4.     App Monitor

You should also be able to know what sorts of apps your child has installed on their phones. This is of the utmost importance given the fact that kids are exposed to all sorts of content on the internet which has no check and balance. You child can install apps of every nature on their devices. If you know what they are installing, you’ll be able to better control the situation.

5.     Remote Control

A good parental app will also give you remote control of the child’s device. This means that you should be able to lock their devices remotely. Children who tend to use their tablets excessively past their bedtimes will be forced to follow through with their curfew this way. You can even wipe the phone’s memory or send other remote commands such as taking live screenshots.

Of course, all of these features fit for a parent are present in XNSPY. It comes with all mobile spy features you need to be well informed about your child’s activities in the online and the offline world. It connects you with them on a 24/7 basis and encourages you to be part of their smart world. Because parents are often thought of as digital immigrants that are playing catch up. Take the leap and step into their world… that’s the only way to protect them!


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