How to monitor an iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max without software installation

How to monitor an iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max without software installation

When it comes to spying on iOS devices, the inability to install third-party software is one of the most frustrating limitations. Your iPhone 12 Pro will not allow you to install an app that Apple has not apProved. Jailbreaking your iPhone 12 Pro is the only method to get such applications installed. Sadly, jailbreaking the iPhone 12 Pro is not on anyone’s wish list.

Jailbreaking a device allows you to break away from Apple’s walled garden and run software that you are not permitted to run. It’s a legal procedure that gives you access to some great features. Jailbreaking is also simple, but everything worthwhile comes at a cost. Jailbreaking, for example, weakens the security that Protects your smartphone from spam and harmful Programs. It may potentially expose your iPhone 12 Pro to viruses or spyware. Because updating to iOS 14 disables the jailbreak, you won’t be able to upgrade.

You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t need to install any software to get an iPhone 12 Pro spy app on someone’s iPhone 12. Spyware companies have recently witnessed a lot of growth, allowing them to develop innovative technologies. To spy on the target iPhone a few years ago, you were required to access it as well as a jailbreak. However, technology has advanced, making it possible for these apps to snoop on someone’s iPhone without installing software.

How to do it?

1. Acquire credentials

Get the iCloud credentials to your child’s phone. If iCloud backup isn’t turned on the observed device or 2-factor/2-step verification is enabled; physical access is necessary.

2. Purchase an iPhone 12 Pro spy app like Xnspy

When you subscribe to Xnspy, you will receive a welcome letter with all additional instructions when you finish the payment. If you want assistance, our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Start remotely monitoring your iPhone 12 Pro today.

To start tracking an iPhone 12 Pro’s activities, complete your purchase, install the Program, and log in to your control panel on Xnspy’s website.

Monitoring apps for iPhone that don’t require installation

Not every iPhone 12 Pro spy app is as good as Xnspy that has found its way around jailbreaking and other challenges. You won’t need to download these applications to your phone, and you won’t need a jailbroken iPhone 12.

Even while the latest iPhone 12 Pro spy applications function in what appears to be a normal manner, several innovations set them apart from the competition. Furthermore, the cost of each of these spy applications varies.

Some of the features and benefits you will get on the iPhone 12 Pro spy app include the following.

  • Keep track of your contacts: Look through all of their contacts. Check to see whether your spouse or child is engaging in an unpleasant conversation.
  • Access Calls Logs: Review all incoming and outgoing calls. Every made and received call will be shown with the time, date, and length.
  • Read Text Messages: Read all sent, received, and deleted text messages. Protect your children from predators and cyberbullies.
  • View the History of Your Browser: Check the websites your child accesses to ensure they aren’t accessing websites that encourage violence and prejudice.
  • Monitor activities: To better safeguard your beloved, scan over all of the events on iPhone 12. You should be aware of when and with whom they will meet.
  • Keep track of Notes: Examine the Apple iOS devices’ notes. You can always know what they’re up to via monitoring their notes.
  • WhatsApp: On the target iPhone 12, track all WhatsApp interactions. Protect your child from cyberbullies and predators by preventing them from communicating with them online.
  • Track Wi-Fi Networks: Gather information about each Wi-Fi hotspot that an iPhone 12 Pro is connected to.

Applications Installed: View all installed apps, including games and social media apps, on your child’s iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max.