How to Teach Your Kids to Stop Texting and Driving Once and For All

How to Teach Your Kids to Stop Texting and Driving Once and For All

So, this teenager T.J. Evarts has just invented a pretty cool solution to texting and driving—something he calls the SMARTWheel. It is a steering wheel add-on cover that monitors that you keep both your hands on the wheel at all times. Evarts, now 20, started this project when he was just 14. He said that while he was able to find apps and technology that helped with the aftermath of an accident (by telling you how fast you hit a tree, for example), there was nothing that helped you before. There were no preventative measures. This is what ultimately prompted him to invent this pretty amazing piece of tech. Take a look at this:

If you guys read our blog, you already know that we are all about preventative measures. We always tell you, take action before, before, before rather than waiting for consequences to take their full effect. So let 2016 be the year when you teach your teen to stop texting and driving once and for all.

This infographic from Kars4Kids gives you the stats:

Here’s what I found interesting from this chart: 77% teens think that they’ll be absolutely fine if they text and drive at the same time. Not only this, but 15% kids have seen their parents text and drive at the same time. This website encourages everyone to take the TTYL pledge. Texting can wait till after you’ve stopped driving.

Here are some more stars from AT&T that promotes their #ItCanWait campaign:

It is mind boggling, really, when you realize that 100,000 crashes are not only the result of distracted driving in general, but texting and driving in particular. While you’re distracted, you are 23 times more likely to be in an accident. Why put yourself at such a huge risk? Surely, whoever wants you text you would understand that your life matters much more than an instant reply. It is that need for instant gratification that is putting so many lives in danger.

Our app gives parents a cell phone tracker as well as the Watchlist so parents are alerted anytime their child is on the move or anytime they are using their phones. But if your child has developed a habit of texting and driving at the same time, I suggest something better. Lock their phones whenever they take their car out for a drive. Do this till they lose the habit. Nothing is more important than their lives, and the lives of all others they put in danger through distracted driving. Make this the year you help them put an end to texting and driving.


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