I Use XNSPY to Balance Parenting and Work: A Mother’s Contribution

I Use XNSPY to Balance Parenting and Work: A Mother’s Contribution

Here on this blog, we often ask why and how you use XNSPY. This mother was kind enough to share her experience with us. Read as she explains how each feature helps her keep her life in order. Here is her contribution in her own words…

Are you one of those parents juggling responsibilities of childrearing with the aching demands of your work?

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. Heck, you probably already know that, but it is always great to have a reminder, especially in a safe space such as this. Every working parent has good days and bad days. I have been working with a newspaper for a year now and initially my life was catastrophic. The job required too many responsibilities at awkward times of the day. So I was never there with my kids even when they were at home, school or with friends.

Some days, you juggle everything so well you feel like the conductor of a really complex orchestra. You’ve got your kids under control and your work sorted out and nothing is every bad. But then there are darker days. Days when your boss won’t let down no matter how hard you work and your home life is a mess and you quite simply feel like a bad parent.

It is completely normal to have these cycles! I’ve spoken to a lot of parents—mothers and fathers BOTH—that go through these emotions when they are balancing parenting with a full time job. So, the real challenge is not overcoming these emotions—it is accepting that they will exist and finding workable solutions.

My workable solution exists in my parental control app which helps me keep my sanity when I’m having a “bad” parenting day. You really don’t need to compromise on either work or parenting anymore if you track your children with XNSPY. I was so relieved when I installed the app on all of my kids’ phones. The diversity of features perfectly matched my parenting control needs.

I am an avid reader of this blog and I love how Jenny always invites us to share our experiences and explain what purposes we use the app for. So today, I am going to talk about the features that have helped me in my parenting. I hope that it helps out any parent reading this blog and wondering how a parental control app can assist them in their lives, too.

Call Recording

Whenever I used to get some time with my kids, they were always glued to their smartphones, making long phone calls. My concern was real. What if they also become victims of mobile abuse? I never wanted them to have any exposure with anons, cyberbullies or strangers with wrong intents. With this software, I get recordings of the all the calls made by my kids. When I get some free time, I open the control panel for the app on my laptop and listen to the made calls.

Record Surroundings

To make sure my kids are safe, I would occasionally use this feature. It can record surroundings by accessing phone’s built-in microphone. It’s pretty fancy actually. I really wonder how someone actually came up with this kind of feature. The product features look pretty well researched. It has at least anything for every parent.

Calls and SMS Logs

To check who make calls to my kids, I always check their calls and SMS details. The app tells you caller’s ID and time of call. So I never miss on any anonymous calls. Also, I get all the text conversations made my children. It gets a bit tiring at times to read through all that hefty amount of text but it’s worth doing for their safety.

Watchlist Names, Tags, Places

All you have to do is enter suspicious words, contact names, certain places in to the app and there will be an instant alert on your control panel whenever those words will be used on the phone.

IM Chats

My son uses WhatsApp and Viber very often. So this was a must have feature for a monitoring app like this. No matter how long the conversations are, XNSPY keeps a record of every word sent or received.

Now I’ve heard that they’ve added Snapchat and Tinder into the mix as well, so I’m going to be expanding my parenting avenues into those apps as well. I must admit, I am not too familiar with them myself, but as parents, we’ve got trust our instincts and have a little faith.

XNSPY—Was it Worth it?

It sure was! A perfect app for working parents. So you never fail on prioritizing stuff due to time shortage. I am glad I made the choice to level up my parenting game. Just because my kids are away from me while I’m at work doesn’t mean I have to stop parenting altogether. My app helps me through it all and I can finally feel like I’m not being pulled in all different directions. The app has been the best exhale.

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