I’m a Mom that Uses iPhone Spy Software with No Regrets

iPhone Spy Software

This week is all about celebrating the awesomeness of moms everywhere. We’re bringing it home to celebrate one of our very own; a true blue XNSPY mom that has discovered the wonders of parenting with our iPhone spy for parents. Here is her digital parenting experience in her own words…

Are your kids at that age where they feel like they are beyond rules and curfews? Because my 13 year old son sure is. I usually shrug off the moodiness and bad attitude as part of growing up, the confusing time in between childhood and adulthood. But when he decided to sneak out of the house after I went to sleep, I just couldn’t take it anymore. That for me was way out of line. So I went online shopping and got myself the iPhone spy software to put on his brand new iPhone 6s. And the results were instantaneous.

How I Managed to Keep Tabs on Him

When his dad decided to buy him the new iPhone 6s, I grasped at the chance and installed the app onto it before we gave it to him. And that’s all I had to do because XNSPY did all the rest. The best part is that it runs invisibly in the background so he doesn’t really know that there is monitoring software installed. However, I have control over his device, and I know all the communication that goes on through it. Which brings me to the next segment…

How XNSPY Stopped His Sneaky Habits

What this iPhone monitoring app has done is give me remote access to his phone. Which means I can literally see everything that he does on his iPhone without even having to touch it. I can

And you know why that’s great? The minute he starts making plans to sneak out with his friends, I’m already in the know because I go through his texts and calls. And if he’s acting alone, the second he steps out of the house, I get an alert from the GPS feature and catch him in the act right away.

XNSPY Keeps Me One Step Ahead

Teenagers are volatile, aren’t they? You never know what they’re going to do next. Which is why you, as the parent, need to be twice as quick-witted as them. That’s what the iPhone spy software does for you—put you one step ahead of them. I always have foreknowledge of what my son’s intensions are and so I’ve been able to discipline him better. If you’ve got children that don’t follow their curfews, XNSPY will help you keep in the loop with their habits.

Do you have any digital parenting related anecdotes of your own? Why don’t you share your experiences with us and help us grow? Write to us or leave a comment below!


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