Instagram Personalities Are Not Real Models for Kids

Instagram Personalities Are Not Real Models for Kids

Instagram is up in the top five popular social platforms that mostly teenager use. It is a very creative way to take and share selfies and originally was used by photographers to share their work after editing with the creative filters that Instagram offers. However after its October 2010 launch, it evolved into a secondary to Facebook, as we saw more and more teens leaving Facebook to use Instagram. And as with Facebook, there are vulnerabilities to Instagram that parents need to be aware of. Mainly, the ‘Instagram’ Celebrity.

What Is An Instagram Celebrity?

An Instagram ‘celebrity’ is a person on Instagram who has millions of followers on Instagram and who post pictures of them and their often ‘fabulous’ lifestyle. The pictures they post of themselves are often questionable. At the forefront of these is someone you probably have heard of, someone who took Instagram by storm: Kylie Jenner.

But How Are Instagram Celebrities Harmful?

These Instagram celebrities set a dangerous precedent to the expectations of impressionable teenagers. What these sort of platforms present is a tool to earn validation from others in the form of ‘likes’ and many of them will copy and compare themselves to others. So who better to copy and compare themselves than Instagram celebrities? People like Kylie Jenner or Dan Belzerian share pictures of them and their lifestyle and no harm on them for doing so, but the influence that they hold through this platform is unreal. Kylie Jenner simply wearing clothes becomes news and so people think, if they can get attention like this, so can we, right? Well, the influence they possess is sometimes unbelievable as several reports of teenagers getting plastic surgeries to look like Instagram personalities.

This is not healthy. People will try to replicate Kylie Jenner with what she wears and what she looks like, and if you’re looking to try new fashion trends, all the power to you. However when a fourteen year old post a picture of themselves in the same suggestive mannerisms as these people do, that is where it’s not okay.

As A Parent, How Do You Tackle Instagram?

Understand Instagram

First understand that Instagram is just a platform to share pictures. Many people use it show their photography talents or even to share their lives appropriately, and there is no harm in that. It, as a platform, has probably done more good than harm by encouraging the creative side in people.

Secondly, if your child is under 13, they should not even be allowed to browse Instagram as you have to be above 13 to even join (but we all know how websites enforce that rule).

Track Who They Follow

There are two ways to do this. You can either join Instagram or convince your child to follow you and you them. This is obviously the harder way as many children will be reluctant to have their parents on their social media.

The best way to track their activities is through XNSPY. Through XNSPY, you can track their activities, who they follow and what they post. Use XNSPY as a tool to determine if your child uses Instagram as a social platform in a positive way.

Talk to Your Child

We all understand the need to be validated and accepted, especially in out teenage years. There’s always this confusion and misunderstanding when you’re young and sometimes that leads to regrettable decision. Talk to you child about how Instagram celebrities’ lives are their lives, some would call unrealistic but most importantly, the standards they set are absolutely unrealistic and should not be sought after. Tell your child what Mr. Rodgers once told a generation children : “ I like you just the way you are”.


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