Instagram Unveils New Anti-Cyberbullying Tool

Instagram Unveils New Anti-Cyberbullying Tool

Instagram is looking to make the platform a safer and more welcoming place by adding filtering tools aimed at reducing abusive or bullying like comments. The new programs is specifically targeted at bullying.

As with many of Facebook’s enterprises, artificial intelligence is being uses as a means to eradicate the website of abhorrent or harmful content. Algorithms will be used to try to guess whether a comment is abusive or not, obviously with the aid of user’s correspondence.

Such as the option of filtering of specific key words in YouTube comments given to YouTube channel holders, Instagram will not allow users to filter out specific key words associated with abusive.

Group blocking will also be a new feature associated with these new updates. Users will be able to block whole groups of people instead of going at it one by one. This will come in handy when certain message boards or forums decide to target one person and raid their account with nasty comments etc.

“Kindness has been in the DNA of Instagram from our earliest days, and as our community grows — now to 800 million — we are working to make Instagram the kindest and most inclusive online community,” Instagram COO Marne Levine said in a statement. “We want Instagram to be a welcoming platform for people of all backgrounds to express themselves. One way we’re doing that is by providing tools that enable people to control their own comment space.”

Instagram is clearly taking steps in the right direction by taking user security seriously. Under Facebook an integration of artificial technology, users are given protection.

Seventy six percent of American teens ages 13 to 17 use Instagram and 25 percent said that they have experienced repeated cyberbullying on their devices or on the internet, says the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

How to Enable Comment Control

As one of the largest social media platforms, Instagram is making it a point to curb of any sort of bullying.

To set up the new security update, update to the latest version on Instagram off of the App Store or Play Store. Enter the app and navigate to the settings and then to the comments. Turn on Enable Keyword Filters to add words to that you’d like to restrict.

If you account is public and accessible to all, you can choose who can and can’t comment on your posts. You can even select the type of people you want to censor your posts from such as the people you follow or your followers. Whether your account is public or private, you’ll be able to block out other comments on your posts in a more encompassing way. The tedious task or removing one comment after another will no longer be an issue.

Popular Instagram accounts often come under fire from online groups with the accounts being hacked or deleted, with the actual owner now having to build everything from the ground up.

Things now look up for anyone fighting against cyber bullying!