iPhone Monitoring Helps This Real Estate Broker Run His Business

iPhone Monitoring Helps This Real Estate Broker Run His Business

Our iPhone monitoring app is used by employers and small business owners all around the world. It helps managers keep an eye on all their employees at the same time. By have everyone on one interface, their monitoring time is optimized, and they can get better work done. Moreover, the cloud based system helps keep all the data integrated so that if the manager would want to go back and revisit a conversation, all they would have to do is go through their data bank to fish it out.

So yes, iPhone monitoring has been helping out many businesses, especially the real ones. One of our users runs a real estate business. Here’s his experience using XNSPY:


Let me sum up this little video for you. Basically, this gentleman talks about:

  • How he has hired a bunch of brokers who make the rounds to sell property
  • How he has given every single broker an iPhone to aid in the selling function
  • How every iPhone also comes hooked onto a data plan paid for by the company
  • How he fears that some employees may be using data for personal calls
  • How he fears that some employees may be using company resources to make personal deals with clients
  • How his business is small, so every penny counts

What’s more, he pointed out a few interesting ways in which he uses XNSPY for iPhone monitoring.

XNSPY as Quality Assurance

He uses the call recorder feature for Quality Assurance. By listening back to the phone calls that his brokers make to different clients, he can check that they went through all the standard procedures as planned, were abiding by the sales training and that they were only providing the highest quality service to all the customers. Moreover, the gentleman, as a manager could track down problem areas and know what the problem areas are: is it a pitch issue, a closing issue? Is the broker unable to understand what the client wants?

This tool basically helps him carry out an entire business function. Which is amazing for us to hear.

XNSPY to Prevent “Under the Table” Deals

Next up, he uses XNSPY to make sure no unethical under the table deals are being made by his employees. When you’ve got a staff that spends more time outside the office than they do inside, it requires a lot of trust. The employees are trusted to abide by the honor code, and you’re to trust that they will bring the business into your company. But what happens when the employees start using company resources to make personal deals? That’s what XNSPY helps you with. When you monitor communication, you can understand why an interested client has suddenly turned down a good deal.

XNSPY to Monitor Package/Data Plans

Another problem that this manager was having was that his employees were using company provided phones to make personal calls. To many, this may seem like a non issue… after all, one or two phone calls cannot hurt, right? But the gentleman mentions that his business is small, and perhaps his employees together were making more non-work phone calls than he could afford. So once more, he monitors call logs to see what calls were made to clients and what calls were for totally non work puposes.

I’m quite enjoying the user testimonial series because it helps you see how more people like you use XNSPY to solve their daily troubles. But what’s more, it helps us in improving our app to accommodate all these diverse needs as well.

So keep us informed, XNSpies!


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