iPhone Tracking Your Kids Doesn’t Really Require a Jailbreak

iPhone Tracking Your Kids Doesn’t Really Require a Jailbreak

Another mother has written to us with her experience using a parental tracking app for iPhone. She seems to have really cracked the code of how to align tech with parenting.

Worried is the constant state of being if you’re a parent. My daughters drive me crazy when they break their curfew or just go over to their friend’s place without letting me know. It’s a scary world out there and if they’re not being honest to me, how can I ensure their security? With an iOS tracking app without Jailbreak, that’s how. Let me give you the hoedown.

Why Do I need an iPhone Tracker?

Imagine a scenario where your kids are out of the house and you have no idea where they are. They’re not answering your calls, they’re not replying to your texts. You have no way of knowing if they’re just hanging with friends, doing something wrong, or if they’re in danger. If you had an iPhone tracking app, you’re always know exactly where they are.

XNSPY, My iPhone Tracker of Choice

I tried quite a few tracking apps to see which ones would work. But the problem with those apps was that some would only give me a general location of where my daughters were. Others took too long to update their status. And some did not give me their real time location at all. XNSPY did everything I was asking for:

  • It gave me my daughter’s real time locations
  • It gave me their full location history so I could know everywhere they went
  • It allowed me to set safe and danger zones on the map
  • It sends me an alert when they enter the ‘danger zones’

I also found it fairly easy to install and use. The customer support was more than happy to guide me through the installation process. And XNSPY didn’t give me much grief with time lags like the tracking apps did.

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XNSPY Has Taken Away My Worries

Before I went ahead and got that iOS tracking app without Jailbreak I never had a moment’s peace. The best part is that I can use it simple by getting access to my child’s iCloud. When we bought my kids their iPhones, I helped them set up their Apple id and password, so I always have it with me. I put that information to use to monitor their activities so I don’t ever have to jailbreak their devices at all. When it comes to children, freedom and security is a balancing act, and one that requires a lot of time and effort. I’m sure the parents reading this understand exactly what I mean. So to those parents I say, go ahead and get XNSPY, because it keeps your children close to you even when they are away.

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