Is Your Business Social Media Optimized Yet?

Is Your Business Social Media Optimized Yet?

Google receives about 3.5 billion searched per day. In the days where you Google terms just as many times as you perhaps look at your wristwatch, the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was realized by companies using Internet marketing. And now that Facebook has 1.23 billion users, and Twitter 200 million, it is no wonder that companies are striving for social media boost as well.

Amongst the immense internet traffic and tones of corporate-run pages on Facebook, marketers have started to realize that they need to ensure their visibility. After all, being visible on Facebook and Twitter has become just as important as being Googleable. Just as being the first available search page on Google does you a lot of favors, being in the “Who to follow” list on Twitter, and amongst the “most liked pages” would mean that more people know about you, your company and your product. In marketing terms, consumption is driven from word-of-mouth and consumer knowledge these days. And that is exactly what social networking websites are about.

With Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization, there is a give and take though. People would only want to Google the terms they are aware of, even if it is just on the surface. What if they do not know your product at all? How would they know what to Google? And so the availability of a company’s product on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the likes of Tumblr matters a lot. Even if they do not immediately click on the like button to find out what the company is all about, it would make people subconsciously aware of the product, aware of its presence. Eventually, they would want to find out what it is. For example, Forever 21 benefits more from being active on Social Media. People’s Magazine on the other hand benefits more from Search Engine Optimization. Both go hand in hand.

Similarly, in order for a company to be optimized on social media, it is important that they make sharing their links on social networking websites easier. With every article that is published onto a website, there should be a share widget with buttons for a variety of social networking websites and blogs—the post on you wall, Tweet about it, Reblog it on Tumblr kind. This will again create conversation about your product. Just as long as your content is easy to share. Internet users are fickle after all.

And while we’re on the subject, this can also be attained by paying said websites to ensure visibility on say, their front pages. Twitter recommends you who to follow based on how popular a twitter account already is, or it could recommend you to follow a Twitter account because they paid them to do so. Similarly, it would get you a lot of hits if your video was to be on YouTube’s featured list. In any case, the amount of money that marketers spent on print ads and commercials is now spent on Internet marketing strategies, and being visible on social media is the most important out of all of them. This may as well be the future of business.


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