Keeping a Watchful Eye on Instant Messages—Part 1

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Instant Messages—Part 1

IM industry has seen a sudden surge with thousands of free messaging apps hitting the app stores across all different platforms. These apps are fast becoming the primary choice for making calls, exchanging messages and multimedia for the youth in particular. You perhaps use WhatsApp to text more often than you use your phone carrier’s SMS service. But instant messaging has many times, taken a dangerous form becoming one of the growing concerns with parents these days.

Kids use WhatsApp for 70% of their text conversations. Instant messengers are growing exponentially and will continue to grow as better, faster, and dare I say it—more instant ways to communicate are invented.

And this is where XNSPY enters the scenario. With an already impressive range of monitoring features in their portfolio, XNSPY empowers parents to monitor WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage chats of their children via their smartphones or tablets remotely. Kids tend to be careless with the personal content they have in their phones. Phones can be hacked, and their personal photos and credit card information misused. XNSPY found that these are the two things parents are most concerned about when it comes to kids on IMs.

According to FBI, 20% of teens overall agreed they sent a semi-nude or completely nude photo of themselves online. XNSPY has tapped on a potentially worrying aspect for parents as these messaging apps are otherwise impossible to monitor leaving parents in the dark about their kids’ online behavior. An app like XNSPY tends to be the first step toward a more organized parenting presence in a child’s online life.

So of course we’re going to provide parents the equipment they need to be more digitally active where their kids are concerned. XNSPY basically makes parents more informed about their children and how they socialize online and monitor if their kids are oversharing. And this is done without being intrusive.

The best part is that we have kept the user interface of the app extremely easy. Parents can. After installation, parents can just log onto the XNSPY control panel and read through WhatsApp, Kik, iMessage and Viber messages and monitor Viber call logs and multimedia shared via these apps by clicking on the relevant tabs. The other great part about this app is that it comes with an affordable price tag.

So, the next systematic question you’re bound to ask is… how exactly does monitoring instant messaging work? How can I install an IM monitoring app on a target phone? Fear, not readers. Part 2 of this blog is going to be a tutorial. Stay tuned if you’re looking to learn more!


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