Keeping a Watchful Eye on Instant Messages—Part 2


Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of emails, all asking the same question: “How can I read Instant Messenger conversations on somebody else’s phone?” So, I’m going to be talking about spying on IMs in more detail.

To start spying on IMs, you’ll need to get hold of your target user’s phone for just 5 minutes to install XNSPY. Follow our easy installation guide for Android and iPhone.

Once the app is installed and set, go to your XNSPY Control Panel. Click on your target device. From here, on the side bar, you’d be able to see a tab called “Messenger”. Click on it to get a drop down menu containing all the Messengers that you can spy on with your app. Let’s talk about each of them one by one.

Spying on WhatsApp Chat Logs

On your sidebar from the expanded menu, click on the “WhatsApp” tab. Here, you will be able to view all the latest messages your phone has received. Clicking on each message will give you further details about it.

Now, to view these IMs of your target phone, you need to make sure that “WhatsApp” is toggled on. Only then will XNSPY upload this messenger’s data for you. You can do this by going to Remote Control and then onto Toggle Features.

Once your data start uploading, you will be able to view all the data collected by the app.

You can view not only the WhatsApp messages but also the names and numbers of the people your target phone talks to along with the message time.

You can also view the WhatsApp call log.

Spying on Viber

If you want to spy on Viber conversations, you can do so by spying on their messages or their call logs.

Like before, make sure “Viber” is toggled on under the “Toggle Features” tab.

Make sure “Upload Viber Calls” is enabled so you can get call logs as well as messages. Once that is done, XNSPY will upload the data for you under a “Messages” and “Calls” tab.

You can now know who your target phone user talks to on Viber.

Spying on Skype

You can view their Skype activity by spying on their calls, messages and contacts.

First, to view chats, make sure Skype is toggled on.

To view call logs, click on “Skype Calls” tab on the sidebar and then go to “Settings”.

You will be able to view three different tabs: Messages, Calls and Contacts. Thus, you can track all three.

Basically, if you want to know who your target phone has added on Skype, click on “Contacts” tab and you’ll be able to see the complete list.

This way, you’ll know exactly what your target phone does on Skype.

This is it for today. To find out how you can monitor even more instant messengers, keep an eye out for part three!


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