Keeping a Watchful Eye on Instant Messages—Part 3

Instant messages spying

This is the last installation in our Instant Messages series. I hope that you’ve learnt enough about IM monitoring and that I’ve explored it in enough detail that you’d be able to start using these features seamlessly.

For this blog, we’re going to be talking about 4 more instant messengers you can track with XNSPY.

Spying on Facebook

If you want to spy on Facebook messages, on your XNSPY Control Panel, click on “Facebook” tab on the sidebar. Before that make sure this feature is toggled on.

You’ll now have a better insight on the user’s Facebook activity.

Spying on Kik

By now, you’re probably starting to get the drill. To spy on Kik, click on the Kik tab on the sidebar. Once more, you’ll be able to see every single message in accordance to the sender, the date and time.

Make sure this feature is toggled on before beginning. You can click on each message to get full details or opt for a list view.

Now, you are all ready to start Kik monitoring.

Spying on Line

Click on the “Line” tab from the sidebar. This will once again appear in the menu expanded from “Messenger”.  Clicking on it will take you to all individual messages received from the application. You can also view Line call logs.

If your data isn’t uploading, make sure Line is toggled on. Now, you’re all set to start monitoring Line.

Spying on iMessage

Lastly, click on the iMessage tab on the sidebar to view all the chats from this app. This would be rather straightforward since this is a text-only app and you’d be able to see all the messages as they are sent and received through the phone. All you’ve got to do is make sure the toggle is on.

And you’re good to start iMessage monitoring.

Start Monitoring Instant Messengers!

I hope you now know how you can monitor WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Facebook. Before I wrap up this guide, let me make your life easier with another handy tip. For every instant messenger, you can filter your data through a Watchlist.

The Watchlist is really useful because it helps you skim through the data. For example, if you suspect that your child was hanging out with bad company called Jake, you can enter that name in your Watchlist and get the relevant alerts regarding that contact. Likewise, if you add any specific words, you will also get notifications when those words or phrases are used.

And there you have it. This has been your guide to monitor Instant Messengers in no time.

Got any more queries? Let me know so I can help you out right away!



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