Listen to What This User Has to Say About XNSPY Android Security Monitoring

Listen to What This User Has to Say About XNSPY Android Security Monitoring

Did you know that you can use XNSPY for your own device as well?

Although I may have mentioned it a couple of times, this blog is usually dedicated to parents, guardians and employers. They make up the bulk of users anyway. But I really wanted you guys to know that XNSPY mobile monitoring is always a great way to connect your own device—smartphones or tablets—onto a cloud based service. This way, you will automatically have a backup to all your data. You will be able to wirelessly connect to it through your computer. You’re basically hooking your phone onto an Online Control Panel, so if for some reason your phone is not around you, you can log into your XNSPY account and check out your text messages or emails online.

Or, you can use it to protect your data and device itself in case of theft or misplacement. Check out what this young user had to say about her experience with XNSPY:

What’s Her Situation?

This charming user talks about how she tends to be quite forgetful. As a result, she has often gotten her phone misplaced or stolen and she finds herself having to buy a new one every so often. Seems like quite the hassle if you ask me. She also makes a really good point—Android phones don’t particularly have a good built in security system that would protect internal data if not the device itself. This is why she uses XNSPY, to keep track of her device and to keep the internal data safe.

Do you want to learn more about the features she was talking about? Let me walk you through it.

Lock Your Phone

So, the first thing she is talking about is the lock phone feature. When you lose your phone, your knee jerk reaction is to pat your pockets, check your space, trace back your steps… anything to try to relocate it. Now, with this feature, you can wirelessly lock your phones so that in the time it takes for you to find it, no one can pick it up and go through its contents. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

You go to your online control panel. You send a command that would lock your device. Now, if anyone were to decide to pick it up and steal it, they would get the physical device only. Not the data within it. And let me remind you, internal data can consist of anything from personal photos to credit card numbers. So I don’t think I need to highlight just how valuable the inside of your phone is. In the event of stolen or lost phones, most people worry about having lost the monetary value of the physical device. But trust me, losing your internal data has way more complications.

Wipe Phone’s Memory

Another thing our user talks about is the wipe memory feature. If you think that your phone is lost for good, you can go to your online control panel and delete your phone completely of all its memory. This way, while the person who picked up/stole your phone would now be in possession of your physical device, they will have no way of getting to your internal memory because it simply won’t be there. This is a really useful tool for when the worst has happened.

We’re glad that our users are open to sharing their experiences and telling us about all the ways they are putting XNSPY to use.

What about you? Is there a special way that YOU put our app to use? Let us know in the comments section or write to us to  be featured on this blog.

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