Mobile Spy Software is Absolutely Essential for All Mothers with Teenagers

Mobile Spy Software is Absolutely Essential for All Mothers with Teenagers

Sometimes, children will skip school just for the thrill of it. Or so this mother experienced. This is her story of how she used parental control to get her daughter’s situation in order, in her own words…

Looking after children is really tricky, especially when they’re at the stage when they think they know it all. I know that because I’m a mom, and my 14 year old daughter thinks she’s old enough to stay out late, keep her room locked, and keep using her internet way past her bedtime. Call me old fashioned, but I really think that there has to be discipline in a child’s life. And a big part of that is knowing when to unplug. I’m not against technology. I’m not one of those mothers who think smartphones and the Internet is the root of all evil. I wholeheartedly accept new advancements and believe they are necessary for the future. But I also know that these technologies can be abused and misused at a young age.

I want my daughter to experience new things, but I also don’t want her to get hurt. But I can’t tell her no without there being a big fight between us. So I sought the easy way out—mobile spy software. By simply putting XNSPY on her phone, I have been able to keep a closer eye on her. Wanna find out how?

By Tracking Her Social Life

My daughter wants to have it all, really. She wants lots of friends and she wants to stay out late with them doing heavens knows what. So by putting cell phone spy software on her phone, I’ve been able to keep better track of her. XNSPY has let me

  • Track her GPS location so I always know where she is
  • See her contact list so I know who she talks to/who her friends are
  • Record her calls so I can hear them and see if she’s doing something wrong
  • Read her IMs/texts so I know what’s going on in her life

She makes a huge fuss when I ask her about these things. So it is really nice for me to have a way to get to know these things in a sneakier way. I’m a mom after all, and even though I agree that teenagers need some privacy, I also believe in following the rules. So this helps me make sure she’s not breaking them.

By Telling Me the Truth

The mobile spying software has told me what my daughter won’t. I found out that she was planning on skipping school to go hang out with some friends. I would’ve remained in the dark if I hadn’t read the WhatsApp group conversation in which her and her friends were planning their sneak out. My fears were confirmed when the next day I tracked her GPS location and found her moving away from the school. Luckily, with XNSPY I was able to get to her in time before things got out of hand.

Don’t Take Any Risks

Honestly, for the kids these days, I think every parent needs to have mobile spy software installed in their children’s phone. You can’t always trust them to do the right things even if they are good kids. For the most part, I am thankful for my daughter. She is a good kid. She is just in her early teens where things are exciting and confusing at the same time. I also know that children have their own idea of adventure and thrill and sometimes they end up getting hurt because of it. I put XNSPY on my daughter’s phone and it helped me keep her in school. I don’t think I’ll stop using it anytime soon.

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