Mom Tracks Down Cyberbullies Using XNSPY Parental Control

Mom Tracks Down Cyberbullies Using XNSPY Parental Control

Some parents don’t feel like being too strict is the way to go. Some parents believe in building a relationship based on trust with their children. They hope that when something goes wrong, their child with come to them on their own and discuss everything that’s bothering them. If only life were so easy.

In reality, teenagers become reclusive when something is troubling them. Maybe it’s because they’re too embarrassed by their situation. Maybe because they think parents are too old and they just don’t understand what teenagers go through. Maybe because they think no one really understands what’s going on in their heads. But the truth of the matter is that your child feels lonelier when they are inside their own heads. Most of their problems are easily solved if you get involved.

Watch this mom as she explains her struggle to get through to her 14 year old daughter:

When her daughter started acting strange and being overly attached to her smartphone, this mom realized something was wrong. So she used XNSPY parental control to get to the bottom of it and realized that her daughter was being cyberbullied. Now, this is something she would’ve have figured out otherwise.

Cyberbullies don’t exist in their real, physical lives, do they? They exist in the online world which is not readily visible to the mother. So how is she to know what her daughter is going through unless she takes a hands on monitoring approach? This mom had a hunch that something was up and she used her motherly instinct to do the right thing and find the right solution for her daughter.

Here are a few things you can learn from her experience.

Reading Her WhatsApp Messages

Right now, WhatsApp is the way that kids are talking to each other. More so than SMS or email. In fact, for 14-15 year olds, SMS and email are modes of communication used by business people… or something they used in times of emergency. WhatsApp is instantaneous, interactive and fun. Therefore, it is their communication mode of choice.

So it was quite a clever decision for this mom to monitor WhatsApp. She knew that the thick of a teenager’s digital interaction takes place here. Therefore, she read through all her conversations and found out who was bullying her daughter and what they were teasing her about.

Tracking Her Current Locations

Another thing that the mother mentioned was that she used GPS tracker. In her case, it was a few kids at school that were bullying her daughter. So she knew that the threat of her daughter getting hurt was near. She decided to track her GPS location to make sure she was safe.

It would be even better if you track your children if they are being threatened by strangers. Cyberstalkers could be anyone in the world… you never know how big a threat to your child’s safety they are till it is too late. The unspeakable, tragic event of Christina Grimmie’s murder is an example to parents of how cyberstalking turning into real stalking can have such violent, gruesome outcomes.

Let this be a lesson to all parents living in the digital age. Take care of your children’s mental well being as well as their physical one. Be active now when it counts.


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