Parental Tracking App Helped Stop What Could Have Been a Family Vacation Disaster!

Parental Tracking App Helped Stop What Could Have Been a Family Vacation Disaster!

Ah, the chaos of last-minute vacations. We feel the pain of this XNSPY parent who shares their story about how a pretty scary situation befell their otherwise fun holiday. Here is the story in their own words…

It’s almost the end of the summer and my kids are pretty bummed about having to go back to school, these back to school ads and marketing campaigns seem to give them more anxiety than actually going back to school, maybe it’s because it’s a more on the nose reminder of how they’re ‘freedom’ is now over and they won’t be able to get up at 12pm or so anymore, but really  it isn’t as dramatic as it really is, they’ll get back into the flow of it once they actually go back to school.

A Little Family Trip

But to take their mind off of the anxiety and to make them actually excited about going back to school, I decided to take my kids, a 14 year old and a 13 year old, on a little trip! I planned to take them on a city to city tour through a bus service because they’d never been to these cities before and they’d never been on a bus that isn’t yellow and one that isn’t longer than an hour.

XNSPY for Business Inspired XNSPY for Parenting

We packed all things necessary, clothes, toothbrushes, battery packs and whatever they needed. I however one thing with me that they did not know. I took XNSPY on my phone. I bought XNSPY after I saw its uses in my business. I had a greater control over my employee activities and that really gave the confidence in the app I needed, so I used it on my kids. And boy I’m glad I did.

Something’s Not Right…

We took to the private bus service station to depart and we went along on our long journey. Hours and hours went by and I was glad that they were excited enough to look more out their windows than their phones (even though they still had their phones on them 24/7). They asked me all about the scenery and everything and we had a good time in general.

I’m Definitely in Trouble

Here is where I used the app and saved them. On a bus stop, where we all had a window of 15 minutes to get refreshments and to use the bathroom, my kids, both of them, took a lot longer than usual.  They knew that they did and they got on a different bus, headed to god knows where. I panicked but it was too late, their bus had started to depart and mine had too. The worst thing is that I didn’t even know where they were.

XNSPY Location Tracker is My Savior

I without thinking, whipped out my phone and launched XNSPY. I used the location tracker service to see where they were exactly and knew that they were on a different bus entirely. I had asked my bus driver to pause while I went to look for the exact position that they were in. Their bus had started to leave and I ran up to the bus and, embarrassingly made a scene but it was enough. They too stopped the bus and got my kids just in time.

They were a little spooked but saw the humor in my causing a scene and we left on our bus to where ever we went, I don’t even remember anymore.

So go ahead and check this app out. The app helped me out more than that of course. Taking care of two teenage boys is a handful and I can be on top of whatever they do with this cellphone tracker app. I can check in on their WhatsApp through WhatsApp Spy, their Facebooks through Facebook Spy and their message and call logs as well. Use XNSPY to avoid any nasty situations like mine!

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