Reminder – XNSPY 50% Discount is Still Going! 2 Days Left!

XNSPY Discount 2016

Hello everyone, just a quick reminder to you all that the XNSPY 50% discount offer for the holidays is still going! By clicking the link given above, you can avail any XNSPY product and services for half the price. Which basically means you can enjoy a complete monitoring experience for just about $2, which is an absolute steal. This offer will expire on January 2nd, 2016. Hurry up and take advantage of this fabulous discount while you still have the time.

We have already got a wonderful response from all the holiday shoppers out there. We’ve got a whole bunch of new users on board. The old users have used this opportunity to upgrade their accounts to the one they have always wanted. Our goal with this holiday discount was to spread awareness about cybersafety—because at the end of the day, that is what is at the core of XNSPY.

Since day one, we have prompted more parents to be part of the mobile monitoring experience. As kids plug in for longer periods of time, they build their own little virtual worlds. But those worlds are not without intruders. They come in the form of strangers that may have a hurtful word or two. Or they may come in the form of malicious attackers that out to exploit the naïve user. And let’s be honest. It is not just stranger danger that worries parents. It is also the content that is no more than a click away for most kids. Children are exposed to all sorts of information these days—most of it good, but some of it bad. XNSPY merely enables you to see what sort of content your child is being exposed to. It lets you be the judge of what is good or bad. It gives you all the monitoring and prevention tools, but lets you take the driver’s seat. Because you, better than anyone else, will know how to protect your child.

Let’s not forget that XNSPY is also a brilliant tool for managers around the world to remotely watch over their employees. As a software, XNSPY has worked wonders for businesses who probably cannot pay for elaborate surveillance programs (that cost hundreds of dollars no less) yet, but crave a sophisticated tracking system nonetheless. With this discount, you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars at all—you will only pay around $2. Let that sink in.

Hurry up and grab at the opportunity while you can. The discount applies to all versions of XNSPY including the Basic and Premium packages:

You can also choose between a monthly, quarterly and yearly plan; all at a 50% discount!


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