Social Media at Work: Harmless or a Real Workplace Problem?

Social Media at Work: Harmless or a Real Workplace Problem?

You can’t ask your employees to turn off their smartphones when they come to work. You simply can’t, not in 2016.

With the incessant need for connectivity, it is not just our personal lives that are dependent on our smartphones. Our work lives are just as reliant on it. So to ask your employees to shut off their phones for 9 hours of the day—that’s the majority of the time of their active day—you’ll be asking them to essentially unsubscribe from the world as it is happening. To go back to the Stone Age as it were. You can’t ask them to do that anymore. The emerging workforce is going to be made up of Millennial and this sort of stuff just won’t encourage them.

What do you do then? How do you draw the line between harmless disruption and what could possibly be a serious workplace problem?

The Firm’s Privacy Becomes Vulnerable

The thing you’ve got to do is to make sure that your employee’s social media antics do not compromise your firm’s privacy. Sometimes, young employees like to update every minute of every day on social media. Sometimes this could be trivial stuff. Other times, they could be sharing important stuff—like company tasks or information about campaigns—that in the wrong hands could spell disaster for you.

Therefore, while it should be all right for them to use social media as they please, you could make sure that they aren’t oversharing to the point where it becomes detrimental to the company. You can do this by monitoring their Facebook if they use it through company provided devices. This will help you regulate and filter some things that you fear will compromise your security.

A Constant Distraction from Work

The other challenge you face with social media at work is the constant distraction. People always want to be the first to comment on their friend’s new Instagram upload. They like to be up to date with their Snap stories. They want to know if someone has posted something funny lest it become a meme later on. Simply hearing your phone buzz gives you an endorphin rush, and hurt your productivity. Your employees with be in the search of who could be calling them, why they’re calling them, what could possibly the buzz of notification mean?

If you ask me, using social media at work is a plus. It keeps your suitably motivated in case they are having a block, it inspires them when they look at the world’s events, it keeps them entertained at work. Heck, it is even great for you because the more your employees use social media, the more en vogue they are with the internet and social media trends, which could help your company as well.

Finding the Middle Ground

The trick is to find the right balance. How much social media is good and how much of it is bad?

To be honest, if you’ve set day to day tasks as well as a quality assurance benchmark and all of it is being met, you don’t really have a problem. However, if you feel like social media at work is interfering with the day to day performance of your employees, that’s when you know you have a problem. Solve it with your monitoring app and you’ll be good to go.


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