The Fundamentals of Always Closing a Sale with Your Call Recorder in Tow

The Fundamentals of Always Closing a Sale with Your Call Recorder in Tow

Who would have thought that our employee monitoring features could be used in the sales department? As it so happens, an XNSPY entrepreneur has found the optimum way of using our monitoring features to his benefit such that he has begun to close every single prospect sale. And here he is, sharing his secret in his own words…

I’m an entrepreneur. I’m running a small business that is in its infancy. Because of this, I have to hustle to get clients. For now, I’ve got around 5 salespeople who do a bit of business development for me. We prospect for new clients, we try and get as much information about us out there and we go out and meet them. We’ve divided our clientele into Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 clients. Tier 1, quite frankly is the big money clients and I tend to handle them personally. Tier 2 clients, although not as big money as the first, are the greatest in number and so I use most of my sales team’s muscle on them. Tier 3 clients are the up and coming companies that will mean good business for us later down the line.

Now, as you can imagine, most of my personal time is spent meeting with big money clients. My day to day tasks include briefing everyone’s schedule for the day, then going out to meet with the important client on the roster. At the day’s end we get back to the office and gather our findings.

Because so much of my personal time is spent outside the office, I can’t be there with my sales team individually when they go out and meet with Tier 2 clients. This can be rather frustrating for me because, like I mentioned, my business is in its infancy. So every little deal counts. Yet I found myself blindsided so many times in my own company.

Not anymore. I’ve found the perfect tool that has helped me be there in every single meeting even when I am not physically there. And the secret? It is call recording software of XNSPY. Here’s more about it.

What it is

So, I already knew that XNSPY has about 40 features that I can use for monitoring employees. So technically, it can be used for 40 different management and monitoring functions. However, I’m going to be focusing on the call recording software because that’s the aspect of the app that I used. For those of you who don’t know the process, it is a simple little app that has to be installed in all your employee’s phones. Now I’m the one that has actually provided my employees with their smartphones to conduct company business (contact clients, supporting parties etc). Depending on whether you favor a BYOD policy or a company provision policy, you’ll have to see whether this form of monitoring is actually suitable for you. Since I’m the owner of all the devices, I had no reservations or qualms about installing the app to record calls. I should reiterate that I used the app for recording business calls only.

How it Works

The way it works is that once you have installed XNSPY onto the respective phones, you can connect all of them onto a singular platform. Since you are the boss, you will have control of the interface where all the devices connect. This interface is known as the XNSPY control panel. You access it through a unique username and password. Once you log in, you will see that the employees’ devices are listed in one place for your convenience. The app on their phone basically records all the data you need and uploads it onto the control panel like a cloud.

From this control panel, you will see a side bar related to call monitoring. From here, you can wirelessly send a command onto the target phone to start or stop recording a phone call. It is really that simple. Once you send the command the recording will start. Then, when the phone call has been recorded, the audio file will be uploaded onto the control panel. You will have the option to listen to it there or download the file. I prefer downloading the files and playing them on VLC player because sometimes—depending on the quality of the connection—some calls have static or a lower volume on one side. Downloading and playing it on VLC eliminates this problem and I can control the volume to make the track more audible.

What’s More?

So now that I’ve shared my call recording secret, the next question is: what to do with it? How will it make sure your salespeople are closing the sale each time?

What the recordings will do is ensure that you’re listening in to all the conversations your salespeople are having with the clients. You can check if they are following standard procedures. You can check if they are being courteous and professional. In case of a lost sale, you can listen to the calls and see where it went wrong. You can point out weak areas and give your team suggestions for improvement. You can even use it to see if your employees are being faithful to you. I’ve heard one too many cases of salespeople making under the table deals instead of bringing the business home. Call recording prevents such wrongdoings as well. When they know that the calls are being monitored by you, they are sure to follow through with the correct procedures.

Final Word

I have to say, ever since I started using call recording software, my sales have seen a definite increase. This is because I myself am involved in quality checks and maintaining a standard. I have since hired a manager for the sales team and trained him in monitoring just as I do so that as my business grows, I am not overwhelmed by the amount of work I will have to put in. Eventually, I want to start using this app for other business functions as well such as email monitoring or even location tracking for my sales team. I am learning to delegate and my team is responding positively. I suppose when you’ve got the right tools—such as XNSPY—things really do start to get easier. That’s the beauty of technology.

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