The Google Pixel: An Android Purist’s Dream Phone?

The Google Pixel: An Android Purist’s Dream Phone?

The Google Pixel phone has been the first phone that the company manufactured itself, meaning that it stepped away from the Nexus trend of having established Smartphone companies do the manufacturing for them.

The Google Pixel from software to hardware, is a purely Google built device and it is a marvel of one at that. The Google Pixel comes in to models, The Google Pixel and The Google Pixel XL. Google boasts that the Pixel has the best camera on any Smartphone available and user reviews back that claim. The powerful camera coupled with the Android Nougat, 4GB of RAM, upto 128 GB worth of storage and Snapdragon 821 processor, Google is looking to compete with Apple and Samsung with this debut device.

Is The Hype For the Google Pixel Worth It?

Verizon hold exclusive rights to the Pixel Phone which means that other United State cellphone companies are, at this time, still unable to sell it to demanding customers.  Because of this, Verizon has gone all out and spent $25 million on marketing the “Phones made by Google”. Verizon will also control the updates Google Pixel phones receive. The security patches will still come from Google but the Verizon models will handle system updates. Customers can alternatively buy an unlocked version from The Google Store if they want to.

The Verizon ad campaign to create hype for the phone though has undoubtedly worked. The phone has received rave reviews and has been picked as the Smartphone of the year for 2016 by many.  Even at the end of the holiday season, demands for the phone were still high.

The Google Pixel is at the moment, sold out. Meaning that you cannot buy this phone from any Verizon stores and shipment is expected to resume in March as stores restock. The lack of supply is proof of the phones popularity and the brand itself, even after the disappointment in its exclusivity to Verizon, something Google itself was surprised by.

Sales of the Google Pixel accounted for 12.5% of sales in 50 Verizon stores during the start of December and by the end of December it was at a 9.5% figure.

What Accounted For The Google Pixel’s Success?

· The Phone’s Features

The Google Pixel phone was released with the latest version of Android, Android 7.01 or “Android Nougat”. The phone also sports a 12 MP back camera with an 8MP front camera. This camera however has been hailed the as the best smartphone camera available today. A powerful Snapdragon 821 processor keeps everything smooth. The addition of the Google Assistant has caught attention too as a useful feature.

· Apple and Samsung

What really made the Pixel popular were really the shortcomings of its competition. Samsung with its explosive situation with the Note 7 and Apple with its controversial decision to remove the headphone jack in place for a thinner phone and their “Earpods” made Google capitalize. It was just a refreshing breath of air really.



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