The Most Important iPhone Was Released last Month

The Most Important iPhone Was Released last Month

The iPhone X is perhaps the most anticipated iPhone to have been ever launched, since it marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone releases and the one phone everyone dreamed of since the first one was released.

The iPhone X is perhaps the most radical design Apple has ever given to the iPhone and It looks remarkable, but that’s that there is.

What? You might be thinking. Well, the iPhone X doesn’t offer anything particularly innovative. Here’s what the new iPhone X offers and doesn’t:

iPhone X Release Date and Price

The iPhone X is the most expensive flagship phone ever made. Yes, it tops everything Apple, Samsung or any company has ever prices its flagship phone. It will retail at $999, £999 and AU $ 1,579 JUST for the basic model. It will be released on October 27th in major territories with the US, UK and Australia included in the first wave of shipments.

Apple probably is well aware how pricey this is they probably know that it will most likely put off a lot of customers. Perhaps they are betting on die hard Apple fans to see thorough the price and to buy it despite it’s limited innovation? Perhaps Apple aims to make the iPhone X an exclusive phone? One of the reasons could be that the production of the iPhone X with it’s larger screen costs more so they ended up charging more but one has to also consider past phones with bigger and better screens that cost not nearly as much.

There are rumors that there might be a possible delay to the release of the iPhone X because of the complexities involved with it’s manufacture. The first wave of releases look to be very limited in stock as well, and getting your hands on an iPhone X might be a tough task in 2018.

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iPhone X and Everything New

The iPhone X is a new redesign to the familiar iPhone shape. It looks entirely different to anything that’s come before it, in a super retina display. A 5.8 inch OLED display, the first the iPhone has done anything with this technology. Apple comments the OLED display is the first good enough display to adorn the iPhone X.

No bezels. Apple’s first bezel-less attempt goes beyond the 1080p screen, as it will definitely crank the 2436×1125 pixels doing the Quad HD+ pictures.

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No more home button! The physical hoe button and the actual space of the home button is no more, but a on screen slide acts as the home ‘button’. The removal of the home button also means that there will be no TouchID, a big sacrifice to give many comment.

Face ID as your new security pass. You will now have to look at your phone to unlock it, which means that the phone will read your face to unlock it. It will also be used in junction with Apple Pay. The 7MP TrueDepth camera and it’s multiple sensors such as the dot projector on your face will even work in the dark because of the included infrared camera.


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