Things Look Shaky for Apple As the iPhone 8 Approaches

Things Look Shaky for Apple As the iPhone 8 Approaches

CEO Tim Cook mentions that ‘great things’ are on the roadmap for the iPhone 8 as its release is to be expected September of 2017. He also stressed on how Apple is also focusing on an all new line up of Mac Computers, following rumors that the company had been moving away from their Mac Desktop.

But things don’t all look good for Apple. The iPhone 8 will be a crucial release for Apple since this year, following the release of the controversial iPhone 7 that polarized long time Apple users because of its exclusion of the headphone jack. The removal of the headphone jack was explained in being as a courageous move on Apple behalf, but how ‘courageous’ it really was did not reflect on their sales.

In an unprecedented turn of events, Apple lost its title as the number one in sales in the Chinese Market for the first time in 2016. Apple sold about 12 million units in China that hold about 2 percent of all the smartphones sold in China, however the iPhone was outdone by Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Oppo, with their flagship of 2016: The R9. The Oppo R9 sold 17 million units, a 4 percent share in all the smartphones sold in the Asian country. Even though the demand for the iPhone 7 was high in the last quarter of 2016, Apple posted a 21% decline in growth highly contrasting to Samsung’s 5% decline in growth.

Apple Gearing Up For the iPhone 8

With these numbers and sales reports, it is obvious that Apple will put out something with features above its competition. And they sort of have to as well. Investors are putting on the pressure, so much so that CEO Tim Cook pronounced plans for the iPhone 8, showing a high level of confidence and excitement for the iPhone 8. He feels confident that the iPhone 8 will reverse these negative numbers, even though he’s only been cryptic about it saying “I think the smartphone is still in the early innings of the game”.

iPhone 8 Specification Rumors

Following several rumors, Tim Cook’s enthusiasm for the phone seems justified. The iPhone is rumored to have a dual-edge OLED display that would look compelling on an all-glass design.

The home button is also rumored to be left out or worked on for better adjustments. The dual camera module will also supposedly get an overhaul.

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What seems to be the biggest aspect of the iPhone 8 is the overhaul of Apple’s Siri.  Tim Cook seems to suggest that the Apple Siri will be integrated in home automation and will go up against the likes of Amazon Echo/Alexa and even the Google Pixel with its Assistant Feature. It seems as if Artificial Intelligence is a coming up as a primary feature in modern smartphones and Apple wants to be on top of the market.

Along with the software updates with the iOS 10.2.1, Apple who seems to be behind on the curve on modern hardware upgrades, looks to compete modern smartphones by finally integrating wireless charging into its latest iOS device. Some rumor that facial recognition will also be a part of the iPhone 8, replacing Touch ID. Apple’s justification for including these hardware upgrades later than its competition has always been so that they can upgrade these features to their fullest potential.

The iPhone 8 is rumored to have a September release like usual, only this time the Apple iPhone 8 bears certain weight on its shoulder in winning back its titles and sales records. As always, XNSPY is compatible with the latest versions of the iOS and iOS devices.


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