Understanding the Difference Between iCloud Spy With Jailbreak and Without Jailbreak

Understanding the Difference Between iCloud Spy With Jailbreak and Without Jailbreak

iPhone monitoring is not without its many reservations. When you download an app that claims to be free, you realize that so many of its basic functions don’t even work. When you pay for a seemingly good software that has multiple features, you realize that you’ll have to Jailbreak your iPhone. That may work in certain situations and might be suitable for some people. But for others, Jailbreak is no beuno. So for those people who are worried that they’ll never find something suitable, we present to you the iCloud spy that comes with XNSPY. It’s got two versions at that: a Jailbreak version and a NoJailbreak version. You can pick whichever one you’re more comfortable with.

The XNSPY iCloud Monitoring Features

The NoJailbreak version essentially uses iCloud monitoring to avoid the need for a Jailbreak. The way it works is that you get the iCloud backup to start working on your target device when you are installing the app. This connects your target iPhone to an online Control Panel. From here, you can conduct your monitoring activities.

iCloud monitoring has quite a few versatile features to aid in all your monitoring needs. This includes:

  • Call log monitoring. You can check a log of all calls received, made and missed along with their time and date stamps.
  • Text message monitoring. You can read all sent as well and received messages along with their timestamp.
  • WhatsApp chats monitoring. You can once again read all sent and received WhatsApp messages and even see all Photos being exchanged on this platform.
  • Viber monitoring. You can monitor calls, messages as well as photos using the No Jailbreak version.
  • Skype monitoring. Like Viber, you can monitor all messages, calls and photos being exchanged.
  • Line Messenger monitoring. You can read all sent and received messages on the Line app.
  • Kik Messenger monitoring. You can monitor all chats on this app.
  • iMessage monitoring. You can read all the chats made through this app.
  • Contact List. You can view all the contacts saved on the target phone.
  • Calendar activities. You can view any alarms, saved events, appointments or other such activities marked on the target phone’s calendar.
  • Installed Apps. You can view a list of all the apps installed onto the target iPhone or iPad.
  • Photos and Videos. You can view the gallery contained all photos and videos saved on the app.
  • Internet activities. You can view browsing history of the target user as well as view their saved bookmarks.
  • Location tracking. You can view a log of all their visited locations.
  • Control Panel. Your phone will be linked onto an online control panel from where you can send remote commands to your target device.

What is more, on top of all these features, the app will work silently in the background of your target phone so it remains completely undetectable. Neither can it be uninstalled by the target user unless they perform a factory reset their entire device.

Why Some People Won’t Jailbreak

Even with all the features listed above (and this is quite an impressive list we might add) there are still a few additional features that can be found on the regular version of the XNSPY iPhone monitoring. However, to get those features, you iPhone has to be Jailbroken, which we established before is a no no for some people.

Why exactly don’t people want to jailbreak their devices? Performing a jailbreak voids the phone’s warranty because it modifies the phone’s software. It may also make your iPhone more vulnerable to third party attacks like viruses. When you remove Apple’s build in system, you lose any security walls they have built that detect malicious apps and files.

So we suppose we understand why some people are wary of the Jailbreak.

Is the Monitoring Experience the Same?

If you are willing to give up a couple of features in place of a Jailbreak, this iCloud spy is absolutely for you. Essentially, you are getting the same service and therefore the same monitoring experience. You’re giving up a few tools (such as Gmail monitoring) but if you think you’d rather have a fully functional monitoring software without the Jailbreak, go for XNSPY NoJailbreak. It is super awesome and won’t put a dent in your iPhone’s software.