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How to Check Calendar Entries from Your Employee’s Phone?

It is not just work procrastination that employers are worried about which is why they track the activities of their employees. They also want to make sure that the employees are not leaking confidential information about the company to competitors. If you are an employer and you are worried that your employees may be having meetings with rivals, then you are not alone. The question of concern is how can you make sure they are not leaking your information?

How to check calendar entries from your employee’s phone?
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XNSPY’s Monitoring App to the Rescue

You may already have surveillance cameras in the office and monitoring applications installed on the desktops of all employees but sometimes, it doesn’t get you enough information about their intentions. A good thing is that if your employees are using company-owned mobile phones and tablets, then it is possible to track where they go and even what they are up to. You will need Xnspy’s help here. This monitoring app won’t just help you track the location of your employees or read their emails. There is more! You can use it to monitor their calendar entries and see what’s in their schedule.

Wondering how it is possible? It is possible with Xnspy’s calendar entries monitoring feature. The first step to actually monitor them is to ensure their mobile devices have Xnspy pre-installed. Since you own these devices, you can legally monitor how they are being used for work.

What Does Calendar Entries Monitoring Feature Offer?

Here is what you can do with Xnspy’s calendar entries monitoring feature:

  • View all the calendar entries on the target device
  • View the time and date stamps for each calendar entry
  • Download this data in the form of spreadsheet

How to View the Calendar Entries?

Follow the steps below to check the calendar entries from the smartphone or tablet of your employee:

Step 1: Log into Your Account

Visit and enter your login credentials

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Choose “Phone Logs”

You will be taken to the dashboard which displays all the data from your employee’s phone in an organized way. From the menu, choose ‘Phone logs.’

Step 3: Select “Calendar”

A drop-down menu will appear. Choose ‘Calendar’ to actually see the calendar entries.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 4: View Appointment and Schedule Log

Now, a new screen will appear showing the appointment and schedule log from the target phone. This information will let you know if anything suspicious is on the schedule of your employee.

With Xnspy, you can successfully keep tabs on all the activities of your employees behind your back and take immediate actions to curb anything that is harmful for your business. You will no longer be in the dark with Xnspy.

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