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XNSPY dashboard for Telegram Monitoring

Spy On Google Meet Videos And Chats Remotely With XNSPY

XNSPY allows you to track a target device in complete silence. You get to choose this option when setting up the software for the first time. The “hidden” mode hides all traces of the app from the target device.

It means the app will not show any icon on the status bar notification. Thus, the monitored user won’t feel intruded upon as they do their daily tasks.

XNSPY lets you spy on an ongoing meeting and monitor your employees' interactions without intruding on their workflow.

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Monitor Google Meet Secret Chats And More

Google Meet allows users to engage in live-video conversations and offers an in-call messages feature as well. Users can also use Google Meet to share a digital whiteboard. Google Meet’s functionality can be increased with a paid premium service.

XNSPY can monitor and record that and more using amazing features that give you the bigger picture of the Google Meet interaction. These features include:


Key Logging

Keylogging allows you to monitor every press on the keyboard while Google Meet is active. That means you won’t miss any secret chat messages that are exchanged during the call.


Ambient Sound Recording

XNSPY won’t record the Google Meet call automatically. However, that does not mean you can’t listen to the meeting afterward. With the remote sound recording feature, XNSPY allows you to record the ambient sounds of the target device. Thus, you can record one side of the conversation.


Multimedia Files

XNSPY allows you to monitor images and videos that were displayed during the meeting. If these files are saved on the targeted device, you can export them from the dashboard.


How Does XNSPY’s Google Meet Call History Tracker Work?

XNSPY monitors Google Meet calls by taking regular-interval screenshots (every 5 seconds). These close-knit images mean you won’t miss a single detail about any call.

The high-quality images are kept in a PNG format to save space while providing crisp and clear quality. Furthermore, these images are properly categorized and organized, making it easy for you to spy on Google Meet videos and chats.

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Why Is XNSPY The Best App To Track Google Meet Video Calls?

XNSPY is the best of the best monitoring app for Google Meet because of its robust design and beautiful user interface. That allows XNSPY to be:



XNSPY is constantly updated with bug fixes and patches. These updates are installed automatically and allow you to enhance your monitoring experiences.



XNSPY uses advanced security protocols to keep user and monitored data behind multiple protective layers. That means you won’t have to worry about potential leaks or hacks compromising your sensitive information.



Due to the constant developments happening behind the scenes, XNSPY is compatible with the latest phones and tablets while covering older models.



The straightforward UX displays the most important information front and center. Navigating through the different menus is a breeze and allows you to go to your required field quickly.



Other than the points mentioned above, it has to be said that XNSPY is one of the most cost-effective options to monitor Google Meet secret chats and more, if not the most cost-effective.

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Why Do You Need To Track Google Meet Video Conversations

  • Google Meet was launched in March 2017 and quickly gained popularity as a replacement for Google Hangouts. It directly rivaled Zoom for video calls and had 100 million active users by April 2020 .
  • So far, in 2023, Google Meet has over 500 million downloads on Google Play and has become a go-to tool for small and big businesses alike to conduct videoconferences with their teams.
  • Google Meet videos are encrypted with the IEFT security standards, making the meetings incredibly difficult to watch as a third party that’s not part of the meetings. Displeased employees might use that for nefarious purposes, which can lead to incredible losses for your business.
  • Employers should use the Google Meet spy app to monitor conversations, thus keeping an eye on their employees' interactions. That can offer many benefits ranging from identifying if there is a specific place where the employees face difficulty to having an insight into their mental health.
  • Google Meet offers a “report abuse” feature that can help tell google if a BAD incident occurred. Monitoring the meeting will allow you to know the exact details of the supposedly BAD incident that occurred, thus, allowing you to view the entire truth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Google Meet does not store any video, audio, or chat data unless a participant initiates a recording. Furthermore, it uses a special IEFT encryption that does not allow anyone to spy on Google Meet. So the only option for you If you want to spy on Google Meet videos and chat is XNSPY.

  • Google Meet allows you to track attendance by subscribing to one of its many business and enterprise plans. That offers limited functionality, and the only real way to track Google Meet conversations is by using XNSPY.

  • Yes, it is. Google Meet uses the secure-by-design infrastructure of Google Cloud to help protect data. It also offers counter-abuse measures that help mitigate online abuse and cyberbullying cases.

  • Yes, it can be. With XNSPY, you can monitor almost all aspects of the target device, including Google Meet. The short-interval screenshots allow you to get the complete picture of user interaction via Google Meet.

  • Although many spying apps in the market claim to be able to monitor Google Meet, no spy app comes close to cohesively monitoring it other than XNSPY. The constant updates and fixes make it an ever-evolving companion, setting it apart from the rest of the competition.

  • Google Meet creates a call history you can check by signing in to your Google Admin Console. Then go to Reports, Audit Log, and Google Meet. Conversely, if you’re using XNSPY, you can simply sift through the collected screenshots to observe the Google Meet call history.

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