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Can Signal App Be Spied On?

In a word, yes.

Signal uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that chats are secure and it can be extremely difficult to get through Signal’s security parameters. You might find many apps that “claim” to bypass Signal’s end-to-end encryption protocols but seldom do.

XNSPY does not battle with the security protocols and gathers data in an innovatively efficient manner. That is one of the reasons it is the best Signal spy app out there.


How Is XNSPY Signal Messenger Spy App Better Than Others

A Signal monitoring app should, first and foremost, ensure that user data is protected. XNSPY prides itself in implementing strict security parameters around user data along with making certain that the monitored data is only accessible by the registered account.

It also helps if the spy app you choose does not break the bank. XNSPY monitoring app is by far one of the most cost-effective options in the market.

With live customer support that is present 24/7, you always have someone to help guide you through any problems you might face. From installation to setting up the app on the target device, and monitoring Signal, our customer support is second to none when it comes to ensuring that you have a smooth journey.

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Track Signal App Activity Remotely Using Your Phone Or PC

XNSPY offers features that look pretty on paper and are incredibly beneficial.



Record every keystroke the user presses when using Signal.


Multimedia Files

View and save images and videos on your desired device in high-quality formats.


Remote Monitoring

Easily monitor any target device from wherever you please.


App Block

Block the app from being accessed by the user using incredible remote control features.


Phone Lock

Lock the target device remotely with a dedicated password.


Export Data

Seamlessly download the automatic backups of the device without worrying about data corruption.

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Using A Signal Spy App Without Raising Alarms

Can I monitor the Signal app without alarming the target users? Yes, using a Signal monitoring app without them knowing is possible. While countless monitoring apps leave some sort of a trace and most of them act as an intrusion to the otherwise smooth working of the targeted device, XNSPY remains hidden.

We give users the freedom to choose whether they want to run XNSPY in normal or “stealth” mode during installation. The latter will completely hide the app from the targeted user.

XNSPY Signal Messenger spy app won’t show any icon on the home screen, nor will there be any sign present in the notifications or the systems and status bar. XNSPY also offers discrete settings that can further help hide the app from the users. These include:

  • Uploading media files only when the WiFi is connected, thus, not incurring additional cellular data transfer fees.
  • Uploading the media content only when the phone is being charged. Thereby avoiding suspicion by not draining vast amounts of battery during normal use.
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Stats To Tell You Why You Need A Signal Monitoring App

  • Towards the end of 2022, Signal had a total number of more than 40 million active users.
  • Since the app requires a phone number, hackers can easily trace your identity.
  • Signal app does not allow law enforcement agencies to access private chats, thus, making it a safe space for criminals and nefarious individuals.
  • Fake cash prizes and job scammers are used to lure Signal users into traps.
  • Signal features an encrypted wallet that can make almost untraceable transactions.

Would you like to try an app to monitor Signal app right now? Go through our free demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Yes, it is due to end-to-end encryption. That stores the messages on the devices rather than a large cloud database, which can be hacked. However, XNSPY offers a workaround for that obstacle in a beautifully simple manner.

  • Hackers have exploited some of Signal’s weaknesses to listen to the victim’s ambient sound. That said, there is no concrete way to hack someone’s phone through the Signal app. The closest hackers came was when they attacked the company that sends the “one-time codes” needed to access a Signal account.

  • The only reliable, consistent, and foolproof way to track Signal app activity remotely is by using XNSPY. Frequent screenshots allow you to see how the user interacts with the app holistically.

  • Signal has a feature for disappearing messages. However, the app will not notify you if the person at the other end of the conversation takes a screenshot of the chat screen or a disappearing media file.

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