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XNSPY dashboard for Telegram Monitoring

What is XNSPY Telegram Spy App?

XNSPY is a renowned spying app that works as promised!

It provides you with various controls and grants access to easily read Telegram conversations without letting the target user know what you're doing!

It aims to provide you with a comprehensive Telegram spying experience!

Comprehensive how?

You'll get a complete picture of how the user interacts with Telegram - what kind of communication is taking place and which multimedia files are being exchanged.

What more could you ask for?

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How Does XNSPY Spy On Telegram Messages?

In a word, seamlessly! The process is somewhat straightforward


Purchase a subscription that suits your
budget and needs


Download and install the app on the target device
using the link sent to the registered email address.


Ensure that you provide it with the necessary
permissions to work hassle-free.


Log in to the secure dashboard using your credentials
from any device to monitor Telegram activity!

XNSPY's Screen Record feature captures screenshots after every five seconds; thus, it is the best app to track Telegram activities remotely.


What Can You Monitor Using XNSPY Telegram Spy App?

You can monitor the following on Telegram using XNSPY:

  • Monitor messages even in private chats.
  • Monitor messages sent in groups or channels, including multimedia files and URLs being shared on them.
  • The time that a user is spending on the app.
  • Multimedia files that are being exchanged on the app.
  • The kind of content that the target user is consuming.
  • The people that the target user is communicating with on Telegram.
  • Notifications that are being triggered by Telegram.

As you can see, XNSPY helps you monitor every aspect of Telegram, thus letting you get a very detailed picture of how it is being used.

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What Makes XNSPY An Ideal App To Track Telegram
Activities Remotely?

XNSPY is the ideal app to monitor Telegram messages and more because of the following


Works On iOS & Android

The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


Customer Support

Quick and hassle-free customer support is readily available to address any queries or concerns that you may have.


Screen Recording

Unlike other spying apps, it captures regular screenshots, thus providing an exhaustive overview of Telegram usage.


Block Telegram On Target Device

You can even block Telegram using XNSPY's remote control features.



You won't find a more budget-friendly Telegram spy app for iOS or Android with such incredible features!


Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality is at the core of everything that XNSPY does while striving to provide its customers with an unparalleled experience.

You can also check out the live demo of XNSPY to get an idea of how it feels to use it for spying on Telegram.

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Why Do You Need An App To Spy On Telegram Chats And Channels?

  • A Telegram user spends, on average, three hours on the app daily.
  • Telegram doesn't offer end-to-end encryption on its regular chats, and a server breach could expose your data.
  • It has an open-source model and allows the creation of bots, leading to many troubling scenarios .
  • Its privacy features make it the preferred platform for hackers and scammers. In addition, extremist groups also prefer using it.
  • There are channels that solely perpetrate sexual content on the app.
  • The famous messaging app makes it easier for users to find others nearby, thus increasing the risk associated with its use.
  • Therefore, it should be monitored to ensure that your loved ones and younglings remain safe from the dangers that it poses.
Best Telegram Tracking Tool
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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • You can easily monitor the chats, what channels the user is interacting with, secret chats, and all multimedia files being shared on the famous messenger app. In addition, you will also be able to monitor the deleted messages if you're using XNSPY to monitor Telegram.

  • XNSPY also offers ambient recording, call recording, phone tracking, geofencing, call logs, multimedia file viewing, remote control options, and a host of other features to its customers apart from allowing them to track Telegram messages. All of these features help provide a thoroughly detailed overview of how the target user interacts with their smartphone or tablet.

  • No, they cannot be trusted. That's because such apps are potentially risky themselves. There's a high probability that you'll end up with an infected device rather than spying on the target. That’s why if you want to spy on Telegram messages, it is strongly recommended that you choose Xnspy. For a nominal price, it allows you to spy on Telegram while ensuring your safety.

  • You can do it by using a spying app. However, it is important that if you’re using a Telegram spy app for Android and iOS, ensure that you don’t run into any compatibility issues. Xnspy works on both operating systems and delivers a seamless experience.

  • Yes, because XNSPY captures screenshots and stores them on its secure server. So, any message that has been deleted or undergone self-destruction. XNSPY keeps the stored data for thirty days before clearing it for ensuring that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands.

  • The secret chats in Telegram have end-to-end encryption. So, it is almost next to impossible to hack them. That is unless you're using XNSPY, which can bypass the end-to-end encryption using its innovative approach.

  • Yes, it is entirely possible. However, it is important to use a reliable Telegram spying app such as XNSPY and not a spoof meant to grab your money. You’ll be able to see who your children are chatting with and will be able to remotely block Telegram on their devices as well.

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You Can Totally Rely on XNSPY - We’ve Got Your Back

XNSPY won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!


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