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XNSPY dashboard for TikTok Monitoring

What is XNSPY TikTok Spy App?

Are you searching for an app to spy on TikTok videos? Your search ends with XNSPY.

XNSPY’s latest feature allows you to monitor TikTok usage in the most comprehensive way possible, and it's all done remotely. It uses its screen recording feature to capture screenshots every five seconds once the user interacts with the app.

As a result, you'll get a clear picture of the user's behavior on the app, including what kind of content they are consuming, how much time they spend on the app, and if they are posting any sensitive content.

Download the XNSPY to spy on TikTok today!

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How Does XNSPY TikTok
Spyware App Work?

XNSPY TikTok spying app is easy to set up and works like a charm. You’ll have to start by purchasing XNSPY’s subscription. Once done, simply download and install the application on the target phone using the URL provided to you.

After the installation, grant it the necessary permissions, and that’s it. You can now log in to the control panel through a browser or via the XNSPY dashboard to easily monitor TikTok activities.

XNSPY takes continuous screenshots of the target phone every five seconds and uploads them to its secure server. These screenshots are properly organized with time stamps; you can access them by logging in to the control panel.

Ready to secretly monitor TikTok? Give XNSPY a try today!

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What Can You Monitor Using XNSPY TikTok Spying App?

You can use the XNSPY app to spy on TikTok accounts to gain access to the following:


Monitor texts being exchanged on TikTok in direct messages


The amount of time the user is spending on the app


Secretly monitor TikTok video recording


Check out the feed that the user is viewing in TikTok


View which accounts the target user is following


You can also see the notification alerts

XNSPY gives you complete monitoring power over TikTok. By using this TikTok spyware, parents and employers can monitor TikTok accounts to ensure the safety of children and workplace productivity.

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What Makes XNSPY An Ideal Software To Spy On TikTok Videos?

XNSPY is the best TikTok spy app that you’ll find! Some reasons you should use XNSPY to monitor TikTok usage are:



XNSPY is the most cost-effective TikTok spying app currently available.


Works On Android & iOS

You’ll be able to enjoy the app for both Android and iOS devices.


Screen Recording

XNSPY takes screenshots every five seconds to let you remotely view TikTok activities.


Blocking TikTok

Want to block TikTok on any target device? You can do it remotely using XNSPY.


Customer Support

With XNSPY, you can be assured of a seamless experience, as all your inquiries and concerns will be promptly addressed and resolved.


Satisfaction Guarantee

With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, XNSPY is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and an exceptional customer experience.

XNSPY has been designed to serve as a complete monitoring system that can help you get much-needed peace of mind. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and begin secretly monitoring TikTok usage.

Still not convinced? Check out our detailed list of features that will change your mind!

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Why Do You Need An App To Spy
On Tiktok Videos?

  • The daily usage of TikTok increased, with users spending 62 minutes per day on the app in 2020, rising to 95 minutes in 2022.
  • It has also been involved in various scandals , thus bringing about the need for monitoring it.
  • TikTok encourages its users to create content, and that’s where potential issues arise. You’ll find your employees wasting time trying to do TikTok challenges or creating memes.
  • Conversely, children follow the most dangerous trends to gain likes and views. Some of these trends have actually led to the deaths of children . Then there’s the issue of sexual content readily available on this app.
  • Parents and employers must take preemptive measures to ensure no undesirable incident occurs.
  • One way is to install monitoring software to spy on TikTok videos being watched and created. XNSPY can help you do that and much more!
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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Definitely not. Since it is easy to bypass the age-restriction algorithms of TikTok, kids are exposed to all kinds of content on TikTok. That includes sexual content, life-threatening trends, and more. That’s why TikTok usage needs to be monitored using a TikTok spy app.

  • TikTok allows age restriction settings that are password protected. You can turn them off by selecting profile settings and unchecking the option. Although it is password protected, users can simply create another account and surf TikTok without restrictions.

  • There are multiple cons to this social media app. It leads to a waste of time. Furthermore, the content is user-generated and not moderated enough, thereby access to sexual content is easily possible. In addition, the trends on TikTok can be quite extreme, leading to potentially life-threatening situations. Also, the chat feature on the app allows predators and hackers to find targets.

  • Yes, XNSPY is an app to spy on TikTok videos being created or watched on target devices and take preventive measures to ensure that no harm comes to the device user.

  • The only foolproof and sure-shot way of hacking a TikTok account without the user knowing is by using XNSPY. All other methods can be easily identified and will, one way or another, let the user know their account has been hacked.

  • To ensure the safety of their children and monitor the content they are consuming and creating, yes. Parents must use parental monitoring apps like XNSPY to limit and monitor TikTok app usage.

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You Can Totally Rely on XNSPY - We’ve Got Your Back

XNSPY won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!


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