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XNSPY dashboard for Zoom Monitoring

Why Do You Need A Zoom
Tracking App?

Zoom quickly grew in global popularity during Covid–19 when most schools and companies shifted to online interactions. By 2020, Zoom had over 300 million active daily users . 89% of users said they conduct work-related activities using Zoom, while 63% said they use it to contact family members.

Online interactions allow incredible freedom but can also be exploited for malicious activities. It is important to monitor employees to see if they are following the organizational protocols and ensure that you have evidence in case some of them are working to harm the company.

Zoom bombing is a growing concern, and one of the most famous incidents involves the Italian senate’s online meeting .

Other than that, it is prudent to keep an ever-watchful eye on your children’s online classes to monitor if there are any cases of cyberbullying during their study sessions.

Monitoring online Zoom activities is paramount since it is the go-to video conferencing software. However, you need to have proper tracking protocols in place for it.


Is There An App To Spy On
Zoom Meetings?

Yes, with XNSPY, you get the premier Zoom spying experience. It allows you to spy on meetings with near real-time accuracy by taking screenshots every 5 seconds and saving them on secure cloud servers, which can only be accessible by the registered account.

XNSPY is the best software to spy on the Zoom app because you can view anything on the target device's screen, including the following:

  • Viewing the video feed of the other participants
  • In-meeting chat messages
  • The list of participants
  • The shared screen on the call
  • All information inside a Breakout Room
Best zoom Tracking Tool
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Monitor Zoom Meetings Remotely With Incredible Features

XNSPY prides itself on offering remote monitoring features, which allow you to log in to your account from wherever you please and view the target device’s Zoom activities and more.

It does this by offering a unique link to the registered account only accessible to them. This link leads the user to a simple-to-navigate dashboard that allows them to view and control various aspects of the target device, including the following:


Checking Key Logger

The key logger allows you to view the key presses by the target user while using a specific app. This feature can accurately monitor if the target user sent any private messages during the Zoom meeting.


Recording Ambient Sound

By turning on this feature, you can record the ambient sound of the target device. If you turn it on during a Zoom meeting, you can listen to what the target user says.


Lock Phone

This feature allows you to lock the target user out of the phone, stopping them from engaging with it.


Monitoring Screen Time

This feature allows you to view how often and for how long the target device was used. You can see the exact Zoom app usage timestamps and frequency.


Set Watchlist Words

XNSPY allows you to target specific words. When the target device sends or receives the target word, you will be notified about it.


Viewing General Device information

The general information, which is presented clearly on the dashboard, includes device battery, Wi-Fi status, real-time location, and recent calls and texts.

If you’re looking for a definitive Zoom monitoring software for Android and iOS, there is no better option than XNSPY.

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Spy on Zoom Activities Without Them Knowing

One of the best features of XNSPY is its “stealth mode.” This feature allows you to monitor a targeted device while keeping yourself completely hidden. You can monitor the target user without intruding on or disrupting their daily tasks.

You can activate this mode during the installation process. Checking a box will hide XNSPY’s icon from the home screen. Furthermore, there will be no visual representation of the software in the status bar of the monitored device.

Also aiding the “stealth” mode are two settings, which you can toggle in the settings menu in the XNSPY Zoom Tracking App’s dashboard. These include uploading monitored data only when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and when the phone is being charged. That allows the monitored device to converse its cellular data and battery usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • No, Zoom meetings use TLS encryption, similar to the HTTPS encryption websites use. That means the meetings will remain private from someone spying on your Wi-Fi. However, Zoom can look at the meeting data if they want to. On the other hand, a robust app to spy on Zoom meetings, such as XNSPY, can help you work around that.

  • The private messages sent during a meeting are not visible to the host. Furthermore, the saved chat will not show these messages either. That said, if you want to view the private messages sent and received during a meeting, XNSPY can help you out.

  • You can join a Zoom meeting anonymously. However, the participants and the host will know an anonymous person is in the meeting. What you need is the XNSPY monitoring app to secretly track Zoom meetings.

  • The three best apps to spy on Zoom activities are

    • XNSPY the best software to monitor Zoom activities because of its reliability, ease of use, low cost, and secure data protection.
    • mSpy is also a good option which is slightly more expensive and is prone to hacking and data leaking that exposes its registered and monitored user data.
    • FlexiSpy can be a better option than mSpy, but it is costly with additional hidden charges.
  • Yes, Zoom bombing is becoming common in which hackers enter and disrupt a meeting. That is done in meetings that are set to public access. The leading causes for this are people not having an in-depth understanding of Zoom’s security features.

  • Zoom has a long and complicated procedure that allows selecting admins and account owners to track their employees, which you can find here. However, if you want complete monitoring of a person as they use Zoom, there is no better option other than XNSPY’s Zoom spy app.

  • You can join a Zoom meeting with a different name, but people will know a hidden user is present. If you want to listen in on a Zoom meeting without anyone knowing, then simply turn on the ambient sound recording of the target device using XNSPY. You can listen to the entire meeting conversation if the target device uses the phone speaker.

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