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How To Monitor Telegram On Any Android & iOS Smartphone?

Telegram is slowly becoming one of the most popular instant messaging apps for smartphones and computers. It is now frequently mentioned alongside Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. But still, many don’t know what the app is and what dangers it can cause. Even though the app claims to be a champion of online privacy and security, it is far from perfect.

Telegram has around 700 million active monthly users, increasing every time there is a security leak or a privacy scandal involving Facebook or WhatsApp. So the Russian-developed messaging app is great at capitalizing on other messaging apps’ flaws. Plus, it heavily markets its app as being end-to-end encrypted, which isn’t entirely true. There are other controversies surrounding it too.

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What Necessitates Monitoring Telegram?

These are the various factors that lead to Telegram monitoring:

Not End-to-End Encrypted By Default

You can be forgiven for believing Telegram offers end-to-end encryption like other messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal. But it’s not true. Telegram encrypts chats only in the ‘secret chat’ mode and doesn’t apply E2E to all messages by default.

This means the app’s messages are saved on Telegram’s servers, can be accessed by third parties, and may be leaked. Also, the secret chats must be manually initiated whenever you want to increase privacy.

Secret Chats Can Be Abused By Stalkers

But secret chats have an even darker side. Stalkers and bullies can abuse them because the perpetrator can stay hidden, and the chat expires when they close the chat window. So they can carry out their harassment without fear of consequences.

Scams Are Prevalent On The Platform

Scams on Telegram either occur within the app or lure users away from it and onto a risky third-party website.

Telegram attracts scammers because of its widespread use and simplicity. A phone number is all that is required to open an account. Traditional phishing scams and advanced bot attacks are some of the most common frauds on the app.

In this fraud, a Telegram user poses as someone you might know to try and extort personal information from you or redirect you to a third-party website to infect your system with malware. Scammers also use crypto scams and bot accounts to target vulnerable users.

Since these vulnerabilities are hard to prevent by ordinary means, unprotected users need the help of a tracker for Telegram.

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XNSPY Telegram Spy App: Monitor Telegram With Ease

XNSPY is an app that can spy on Telegram chats and channels to protect vulnerable users from stalkers, unsafe messages, fake accounts, crypto scams, and other Telegram dangers.

It is the only Telegram spy app compatible with Android and iOS, making it highly usable across multiple platforms and yet costs so less. The app can track chats, pictures, videos, GIFs, and more.

And because the app can be operated remotely, it can also block Telegram on the target device.

XNSPY gathers screenshots rather than text strings to get around the end-to-end encryption used by Telegram. Retaining a visual log of all conversation threads enables the app to remotely monitor all Telegram communications allowing it to spy on Telegram channels remotely, even conversations that took place in secret chats.

The app spies on Telegram chats and channels by capturing frequent screenshots and uploading them to the XNSPY server whenever the device owner logs into their Telegram account. Its multimedia file recording capability can take screenshots without depleting the target device’s battery or compromising quality.

How To Install and Use XNSPY Telegram Hacking Software?

It is really simple to use the XNSPY’s Android Telegram tracker app. All you have to do is install it on the smartphone of the Telegram account user you want to monitor.

Step 1: Sign up for XNSPY

Choose an XNSPY subscription plan and sign up with your email address.

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 2: Setup XNSPY

Install the Telegram hacking tool for Android APK on the target device and let it sync with the XNSPY server.

Step 3: Start Spying!

You can start tracking once the app installation process has finished.

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 4: Go to the Dashboard

The dashboard acts as the control panel and you can access it by simply logging in to your XNSPY dashboard to utilize the monitoring suite.

Now that the installation process is over let’s look at how you can use each of the relevant XNSPY features to monitor
and limit someone’s Telegram account.

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How To Track Someone’s Telegram Account Using XNSPY?

Once you have installed XNSPY on the Telegram user’s smartphone or tablet, you must select the ‘Screen Record’ feature. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into your account

Login to your XNSPY dashboard using the credentials emailed to you

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Select Screen Record

Select Screen Record from the features menu on the left

Step 3: Click on "Telegram" tab

Select the Telegram tab from the supported social media and instant messaging apps list.

Xnspy dashboard

All the screenshots of the phone user’s Telegram account will be displayed in this tab. The list gets updated with new screenshots every five seconds and shows Telegram chats, GIFs, contacts names, and numbers. XNSPY’s Telegram spy app can also capture the messages deleted from the account.

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How To Limit Someone’s Telegram Account Using XNSPY?

You can monitor someone’s Telegram account and restrict it via XNSPY. Here’s how you can do this:

Step 1: Log into your account

Login to your XNSPY dashboard using the credentials emailed to you

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 2: Select Installed Apps

Select Installed Apps from the features menu on the left

Step 3: Click on "Telegram" Tab

Select Telegram from this list and click the toggle switch next to it

Hoverwatch dashboard

This will disable the Telegram app from the account’ user’s device remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • Telegram offers end-to-end encryption only for its secret chats. On the other hand, normal chats aren’t secure and are stored on the server, which means third parties can access them in case of a server attack.

  • XNSPY’s Screen Record functionality can bypass Telegram’s end-to-end encryption of secret chats. This feature also helps collect information from the entire Telegram account data points.

  • XNSPY is the best app to spy on Telegram chats and channels because it operates remotely, doesn’t alert the account user because of stealth tracking, is highly compatible with Android and iOS devices, and only costs $7.5 per month.

  • To spy on Telegram chats secretly, you need a stealth tracker for Telegram, which is XNSPY. Install the spy app on a target device and use the Screen Record feature from your XNSPY dashboard login to read the chats.

  • With a Telegram spying app, you can view the following:

    • Secret chats
    • Normal chats
    • Group chats
    • Contact Names
    • Contact Numbers
    • Exchanged Media: Including Photos, Locations, and GIFs
  • Yes. With XNSPY, you can even view deleted Telegram messages as the Telegram hacking software records the phone data on its servers, which users can access anytime from their dashboard. As it creates frequent backups of the phone data, even the files and messages that have been deleted from a phone can be seen from your XNSPY dashboard.

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