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How To Spy On Someone’s TikTok Account Remotely? [2024 Guide]

Due to TikTok's lax signup requirements and poor content moderation, youngsters have free access to the platform's numerous sexual and harmful trends. Furthermore, parents cannot simply abandon their children in the hopes that they will be mature enough to avoid falling for these viral pranks.

Therefore, parents need a creative way to keep track of their children's TikTok activity so they can judge for themselves whether the content is appropriate and safe. But as we know, constant supervision is simply impossible because of busy schedules, and no one willingly grants their account access, even if it’s their loved ones. It is why stricter TikTok monitoring is needed.

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TikTok’s Built-in Parental Controls At a Glance

These TikTok parental controls are offered to improve user safety:


Private Accounts

Now users can set their account to private, so only people they accept can follow and watch their videos.


Time Limits

Users can set daily time limits on TikTok, schedule breaks that lock the user out of the app, and see a summary of how much time was spent on the app.


Content Preferences

You can block videos based on hashtags and keywords. You can also use Restricted Mode to minimize exposure to content TikTok has labeled unsuitable for all ages. Restricted Mode needs a password so the account holder cannot bypass the setting.


Family Pairing

The Family Pairing feature allows users to link their TikTok account to their child’s profile so they can monitor what kind of content they consume on the app. Parents can control who can send their children direct messages and who can comment on their videos.

But even with these built-in parental controls, there’s no guarantee that the user won’t create another profile to bypass these restrictions. It is why you shouldn’t rely too heavily on TikTok parental controls and using other mediums to keep tabs on a child’s account is more crucial now than ever.


Age Restrictions On TikTok

The youngest age at which a person can make a TikTok account is thirteen which is still extremely young.

But even if TikTok increases their signup age, kids can bypass the age requirements by simply adding a fake age by searching how to turn off age restrictions on Tiktok or how to change your age on TikTok. It is why stricter controls are needed.

Why Should You Be Concerned About TikTok’s Security Features?

TikTok collects user data even when they are not using the app. It means that the app has access to a user’s likes, dislikes, and personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers, Wifi networks, and contacts saved on a person’s phone.

While other applications also collect data on its users, TikTok's parent business ByteDance is owned by China, and U.S. officials have repeatedly warned that China may require the company to reveal the information it has on its users.

Also, messages on the platform are not end-to-end encrypted. This indicates that it isn't as secure as some messaging apps, which include that additional security measure.

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XNSPY Remote TikTok Spy App - The Best Way to Monitor
Someone’s TikTok Activity

How XNSPY Works?

XNSPY is a TikTok spying app that can effectively monitor TikTok to protect the phone owner from associated dangers. The app users have remote access to all of these apps' chat sessions using the app’s screen recording function. Data gets uploaded to the XNSPY servers as soon as the program is installed on the target cell phone. Along with viewing multimedia files like pictures and videos, app users can also view the messages, user’s feed, and accounts the phone owner follows on the platform.

XNSPY also allows you to block TikTok seamlessly on the phone. Select the Installed Apps tab from the list of tracking choices after logging onto their Dashboard. This page displays a complete list of installed apps on the device. As soon as you've identified TikTok by scrolling down the list, simply toggle the deactivate switch. Following that, the app will be disabled on the target device.

XNSPY is a more dependable program that monitors TikTok and other social media apps remotely and covertly since it can easily get past end-to-end encryption mechanisms employed by these platforms. In order to keep an eye on social media and instant messaging apps, XNSPY is a compatible solution for iOS and Android devices.

The program gets data by copying the memory address information and extracting the bit sequence stored at that address. That means that even if the phone owner deletes the data, the XNSPY TikTok spyware tracking the phone activity retains a copy of it.


XNSPY has several features that help minimize TikTok’s impact. The end user can utilize these features in tandem to effectively reduce TikTok’s harmful effects. We’ll explain how these features help achieve this.


Screen Record

This function shows a user’s Tiktok account, the people they follow, their feed, messages, and the media they exchange on the controversial social media platform.


Web History

This shows the phone owner’s browsing history. So if they used a web browser to open TikTok, their web history would be recorded and sent to XNSPY’s servers.


Installed Apps

This feature shows how much time a person spends on TikTok, and users can block the app via this feature.

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Using XNSPY To Spy On TikTok Accounts Without Having Access To The Phone

XNSPY is the easiest way to spy on someone’s TikTok account and monitor how they use the platform. All you have to do is buy a subscription to the remote TikTok spy app. We recommend buying the annual package as it’s the most cost-effective at $7.5 per month,

So let’s check out how you can install the app on Android and iOS.

How to Install on Android?

Step 1: Sign up for XNSPY

Choose an XNSPY subscription plan and sign up with your email address.

Xnspy dashboard
Xnspy dashboard

Step 2: Set up XNSPY

Install the XNSPY APK on the target device and let it sync with the XNSPY server.

Step 3: Start monitoring

You can start monitoring after the app is in sync with the device.

Xnspy dashboard
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How to Install on iPhone-iTunes?

Step 1: Set up iTunes

Download and install iTunes from the Apple website, then sign in.

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 2: Set up iTunes

Install iTunes from the Apple website and login in using your iCloud credentials.

Step 3: Set up XNSPY

Download and install the XNSPY Cloud Sync client on your PC. The application is available for free download from their website.

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 4: Activate and synchronize

After downloading the client to your computer, copy the code generated by the client and log in to your XNSPY account to sync the two together.

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How to Install on iPhone-iCloud?

Step 1:

Get the login credentials of the iCloud account linked to the iPhone and make sure Two Factor Authentication is turned off. You can turn it off from the account settings.

Hoverwatch dashboard
Hoverwatch dashboard

Step 2:

Login to your XNSPY dashboard using the credentials emailed to you after purchasing the subscription.

Step 3:

Enter the iCloud credentials in the dashboard to automatically sync XNSPY’s TikTok spyware with the iCloud backup and start monitoring.

Hoverwatch dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions

question General Questions

  • You can use TikTok’s built-in parental controls to minimize some of the dangerous content on the website, but a Remote Tiktok spy app is the best way to make TikTok safe.

  • TikTok has sexual content on its platform, videos of people performing dangerous stunts that can negatively impact users. It also collects and shares data without the account holder’s consent.

  • TikTok has several videos that can be considered sexually explicit in nature and are meant for 18+ viewers. So is TikTok dangerous? Absolutely.

  • There are negatives and positives to the app. The negatives include sexual content, violent videos, the promotion of dangerous stunts, poor data security, and non-consensual data handling practices. Whereas the good includes keeping up with friends and their videos. But the latter can also be done through YouTube, which is a much safer platform.

  • The TikTok parental controls are insufficient as children are still frequenting the website and falling victim to the dangerous and sexual content on it and apps like TikTok. It is why I recommend XNSPY.

  • Giving children free rein on TikTok may negatively affect them and impacts their natural development process. It causes addiction and promotes risky behavior. It also skews their view of sex and relationships. And to also answer the question, is TikTok safe with parental controls? Yes, but its safety can be enhanced by using XNSPY.

  • You head to settings in your TikTok app and go to parental controls. Or you can simply install XNSPY on your iPhone.

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